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Wait, one more thing!

Series Kick-off, Post 1

He closed the front door and I started toward the car. My husband said I should have taken a photo of him in the doorway, so I called his cell from the driveway, “Wait, one more thing!”. He indulged his mother and came back to the door. Smile! Click, click. “Thank you! Okay, bye for real now!” Another smile, a wave, and the door closed again. I got all the way into the car, and we drove away. Our son was in his new house, moved completely out of our home. We were making the return trip without him and it was strange. I felt proud and hollow at the same time.

He is not the first of my kids to come of age and move out. I’ve felt this way before, so I knew I’d eventually adjust to the new and different normal. I settled in for the long ride with my husband at the wheel. I opened the Bible app on my phone and read Proverbs chapter 3.

The first two words, “My son”, caught my attention in a unique way, given the circumstances. As I read further, I started forming a series of “Wait, one more thing!” posts, in my heart and head. They are written with my son in mind, but they could be for any of my children. In fact, I’m someone’s child; they are for me. If you’re someone’s child (and I’m certain you are), they may be for you too.

Proverbs 3 was written by King Solomon, who ruled Israel after his father, King David. He is known as the wisest man who ever lived. 2 Chronicles 1:7-12 tells us that when God promised to give Solomon any gift he wanted, he asked for wisdom and knowledge. God was pleased because the request was not for wealth or power, so He granted it all. Proverbs is filled with nuggets of wisdom and chapter 3 is one of many written specifically to posterity.

I told my son, “Wait, one more thing!” and now I am going to say it to him, and me and you, every Monday for a while. I hope you will indulge my sentimentality and allow me to love on you with thoughts from this chapter in Proverbs. I could sure use some solid wisdom these days, especially at the front end of my work week, couldn’t you?

“Wait, One More Thing!”, the series, will be posted to the Back Porch on Mondays and you’re invited! I’m saving a cushioned seat (so to speak) for you!

8 replies on “Wait, one more thing!”

My first kid of four will be making the transition out of our house probably next year. I take comfort hearing your confidence about adjusting. And I absolutely LOVE your homepage and the warm welcome exuding from your words! So, so beautiful mama!

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How nice of you to stop by and bless me with such genuine encouragement. I really appreciate it!
And about children leaving the nest… it is so comforting to know that God both goes with them and stays with us. Not only does He take care of them and us when it is hard, He is a center to keep us connected over the distance as well. I know you said it was still a year or so away, but I just prayed that God would bless you with extra grace when the time comes and I know He will remember. ❤

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I agree! I find the transition to be an adjustment, but there is freedom when they take full responsibility for themselves and it has a delightful affect on the relationship. I really enjoy it too! Thanks for reading and sharing. I appreciate you!


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