Vacation Today vs. Eternity Someday; Are we All Prepared and Ready?

If you read my last post, you know I’m getting ready to go on vacation. If you didn’t see that, you can catch it here. In that article, I explained how I feel in anticipation for my trip vs. my hope of Heaven. As I am packing and getting prepared to leave for a week, I can’t help but compare this temporary departure with my final one on that great and glorious day!

Vacation today vs. eternity someday; are we all prepared and ready?

There are so many loose ends to tie up before I leave for a week! Among other things, I want to leave the house a certain way and make sure my duties at work are caught up. My favorite preparation is setting that “Out of Office” email reply. That is when it all feels real. Do you know what I mean?

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Finally, I ready my things. I think through my clothes, vitamins, chargers, etc. and gather it all. I take that last shower before departure so I can use, and then pack, my cosmetics and necessities.

I am neck deep in all the above today. And my head is in the clouds. What if this was the day I was going to Heaven? What would I be doing the same? What would be different?

For starters, I wouldn’t be coming back. And that is huge. I hate that the joy of my vacation is being threatened by dread of the return, but it is. The piles of laundry, empty fridge, overflowing inbox – those things loom large. They will all be vying for immediate priority when I come home, and that exact situation is the top trigger for my panic attacks. I can already feel one crouching.

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But when I leave for Heaven, none of this will ever beg my attention again. And that makes me wonder how much consideration it should really be given now. And what about all this stuff I am packing? Stuff to make me look good, smell good, feel good… The only thing that will matter for eternity is that I do good. And even that is useless unless it is founded on, and fueled by, my faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

I know exactly what time I plan to leave on vacation. I do not know when I will leave earth for good. I know when my bags need to be in the car, but I do not know the deadline for all that I have been put on earth to do. Knowing that my eternal departure is final and unknown, it sure seems like I should be exquisitely prepared. I should live each day with my spiritual bags packed and I should be encouraging everyone around me to do the same.

My friend, as you plan for eternity someday, do you know your destination? Have you wrapped up the loose ends with loved ones, coworkers, and neighbors? Have you gathered and stored your treasure for eternal purpose?

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I’m packing for a short trip, but I’m contemplating that final departure. I’m wondering about vacation today vs. eternity someday. Are we all prepared and ready? Let us live each day as if it might be the one on which we head out – because it could be. It will either be the best day or the worst day, and that depends on the choices we make before it comes.

I know I include this link a lot. Maybe you’ve been passing it by, not ready to think about getting right with God. But here it is again. The Gospel in a Nutshell. If you haven’t gotten your eternal destination figured out, now is the time to settle it. Someday could be today.

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Hi there! Thanks for the question. I am a born again, Jesus loving Christian. I accepted Him when I was 4. How about you? Whether we see eye to eye on the question of who Jesus is, or we don’t, you’re welcome here on the back porch. Thank you so much for reading!

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Hi there! May you find the peace you’ve been looking for in the heavenly abode. Sorry but I have the freedom of being atheist yet accepted in my religion, moreover, for me the whole Universe is the Supreme and we all are beings just trolling in this dimension for a while after that we will go back to mingle in the same.

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