Moments are Quick but They’re still Mighty! Grab one and Share one – Post 7

the MOMENTS series
It’s a potluck; taste them all and bring one to share!

I captured this quick moment before it went fleeting by:

Stretching Cat: Quick Moments Post 7
Photo by Tamba Budiarsana on

I suddenly streeeetched in one of those impromptu, involuntary motions on which instinct decided before consciousness gave permission. For that quick moment, sounds were muted, vision blurred, and my mind turned for the briefest introspection of the body under its purview. Arms overhead, muscles, joints, fingertips to toenails – all received an instantaneous rush and reset. In that inkling of time, I was invigorated and empowered. I moved forward, thankful for the miraculous phenomenon which seemed to have broadened my shoulders and lengthened my lifespan. It came out of nowhere and was such a gift!

There is boundless wonder in every quick moment! Tell me about one of yours

Need some background on the Moments Series?
Click here for the Quick Moments Introduction in Post 1.

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