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You’re an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 Worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)

Do you know you are an influencer? You are! I am too. We each have our areas of strength, but we all should know how to use our reach in at least two broad and influential ways – earthly and eternal. I’ve subtitled my two areas of influence for today “Jesus and Jeans”.

I heard, on the radio, that the word ‘influencer’ was relatively unused until a decade ago, and recently it has become regular vernacular. The reporter noted that, not only is the term ‘influencer’ a well-understood concept, but it is actually a top career aspiration for many of today’s youth. I haven’t vetted the information, but as far as my personal experience, it lines up. Had you heard or used the word before the past few years?

Influencers with cameras: You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

As often happens to me when I’m alone in the car, the continued radio dialogue faded from my concentration and my own thoughts took over. Would I want to be an influencer? If I could, in what area of life would I want people to follow my influence? Well, that’s easy! I’d want them to follow me as I follow Jesus.

Influencer for Eternal Things

Hmm… that would come with a lot of responsibility. I would want to step up my game. If I were a full-time Christian influencer, I’d do more study, have more open conversations, and be more genuine as Jesus takes my old and broken ugliness and replaces it with His perfect love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

But wait, I thought. I am an influencer. At least on the tiny scale that is my sphere of… {what is it?} influence! I have a sphere of influence. It starts with my family and extends out from there.

You all are in my sphere of influence. And I am in yours. We are all influencers.

Point the way: You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

We may not get paid the way the word might imply today, but people are watching. And copying. Are we leading them to the Rock of our salvation? I felt Jesus nudging that now is always the appropriate time to step our integrity. We need to live like the influencers we are!

My sphere of influence starts with my family. Am I influencing them in a beneficial way? Honestly, I’ve been influenced by them quite a bit. They are each unique and gifted and have strengths which encourage me.

I told you I was in the car and alone with my thoughts, so please don’t fault me for the rabbit trail I’m about to recount. This is how my brain works. All those neurons, playing hot-potato with my thoughts, began to buzz about how I had been influenced to purchase the pants I was wearing.

Influencer for Earthly Things

Comfort isn’t as important as Heavenly things, but good friends pass along good news, good ideas, and good experiences. By so doing, we add value to each other’s lives.

I looked down (just for a minute, then eyes back on the road) .My daughters have had a huge influence on my sense of fashion. My favorite jeans, which I was wearing, were a recommendation from them.

Jeans for every body: You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
Jeans for every body! LuLaRoe Boyfriend Jeans
(These are models, not my daughters)

My three girls have several pairs of these pants. I’d often heard them talk about how amazing they are, but to be honest, I hadn’t really paid too much attention. That is, until my youngest had a growing pile of denim on her floor which caught my eye.

She said she was getting rid of it all because she only wanted to wear her LuLaRoe jeans. LuLaRoe? I thought they made clothes out of soft t-shirt material. I wasn’t aware they carried denim.

LuLaRoe Denim Tags: You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
LuLaRoe Denim Tags
I am not a LuLaRoe Rep, nor will I make any money from orders sparked by my post. This is simply a sincere product review and recommendation.

Her eyes widened and reiterated the message, “This is what we’ve been trying to tell you!” (Influencers cannot be afraid of repeating the truth they are attempting to perpetuate. It doesn’t always get through on the first try!) “Ok”, she had my attention now. “Show me!”

She threw me a pair and I put them on. Oh, my goodness – they were like butter! So soft! And breathable and bendable and wow – they fit me perfectly! I looked at her sideways and she read my mind. “No, you can’t have them.” I secretly ran the odds of whether she’d notice if I turned the tables and started wearing clothes out of her closet the way she did mine?

Skinny Jeans: You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
Photo Credit: My oldest daugther.
Ignore my novice modeling skills… it’s about the jeans! LuLaRoe Skinny Jeans

It never came to that because my birthday was just a couple of weeks later and my girls got me my own pair of LuLaRoe jeans. They were the same style as the ones I’d tried on in my daughter’s room. A good, versatile, starting pair. I’m not going to lie. I’ve got my own pile of donation denim on my floor now. I don’t want to wear any of my other jeans either.

My husband’s cousin is our dealer – I mean, our LuLaRoe rep. I texted her and told her how much I loved my birthday present and thanked her for supplying the girls. I asked what other styles and colors of jeans they carried. Her answer blew my mind!

There are so many options! I ordered another pair, boyfriend style cut, right then and there. I’m living with a tight budget at the moment, but I am already brainstorming ways to earn extra cash so I can purchase another color or two.

Boyfriend Cut Jeans: You're an Influencer! You're an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)
Photo Credit: My oldest daughter My second pair of LuLaRoe jeans – Boyfriend Cut. Baggie or belted, rolled up or down – so, so comfy!

My daughters influenced me to try on a pair of jeans and, to use a popular phrase, the experience sparked joy. The jeans are next-level wonderful. And the kindness that my girls showed in their persistence to get me to try something they’d found to be good, and believed would benefit me, really touched me too.

I spend a lot of time on my blog writing about things which, to me, are of first importance. Where you go when you die will determine the bliss or misery of your eternity and I cannot – will not – overlook that. But I also want to have a positive influence on your life right now, if I can.

So from my daughters, to and through me, to you, if you’re looking for a new pair of jeans that are comfy enough to sleep in, check out LuLaRoe. My husband’s cousin – her name is Janell – has even given me permission to give you her email address.

She can be a personal advisor and shopper for you, helping to determine your needs and finding your perfect pair. She is so nice, and helpful, and not pushy at all!

These jeans are for women, but guys, Janell can be your secret weapon for getting a great gift for your gal! The jeans I wanted were not in her inventory, so while she went cyber-hunting for them, I made dinner and did some writing. That time was precious, and the freedom was fantastic!

This has gotten long. I wanted to tell you a story, but I am going to end this here and give you time to contact Janell about replacing your worn-out or wrong-sized jeans. I’ll tell you that story next Friday.

Thanks, sincerely, for letting me be an influencer today. I will never be – don’t even want to be – an influencer, in the trendy-but-apparently-here-to-stay sense of the word, but I do hope to add value and benefit for your life, for both earthly and eternal things. For me, today, it’s Jesus and jeans (and Janell!). Who or what do you want others to know? How will you get the word out?

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

2 replies on “You’re an Influencer! How to Use Your Reach in 2 Worthy Ways (Jesus and Jeans)”

First, you are physically a very lovely woman and could have made a living out of modeling, Almost as pretty as my bride. Just relax the smile a bit as in your featured image. 😉
Secondly, our former pastor spoke about influencers once, referring to Peter’s shadow in Acts 5:15: “Not many of us will be chosen to be famous or great like Peter, but we each have a shadow. On who does your shadow fall, and what is its effect?” (Steve Elliott)
Father, may my shadow reveal Your brilliance behind me and not hide it. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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Well, thank you for the compliment, I ‘hear’ the Holy Spirit’s kindness in your words. And I love the Peter’s shadow reference. What a nugget of truth and challenge! Thank you for sharing.

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