30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years

Yes, today is my 30th Wedding Anniversary! When I first considered the idea of listing 30 details surrounding my wedding day, I wasn’t sure I could remember that many things. I got out a pad of paper and started to write.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all! As I look over my list of 30 wondrous wedding memories, 30 wonderful years later, I notice that what has stuck with me are special moments which include emotion – love, appreciation, connection, gratitude, humor. That is worth mentioning in a day when young couples feel their weddings must be expensive and well photographed for social media. I hope my list suggests otherwise. The most important thing is to feel and experience the moments as they happen.

Our wedding party: 30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years
30 years ago today!

30 Wondrous Wedding Memories
for 30 Wonderful Years

The Rehearsal

  • I moved the last of my things into our new apartment on Friday morning, Feb. 7, 1992. My fiancé, Michael, was already living there. The schedule was tight to get to the rehearsal because it, and the wedding, were a couple hours away, in the town where my parents lived.
  • We stopped for gas on the way to the rehearsal. It was wondrous to think that the next time we filled the tank, we’d be husband and wife.
  • My rehearsal bouquet was a compilation of the bows that had been on my bridal shower gifts. They’d been inserted into slits in a paper plate, and I held the ribbons underneath.
  • Some dear friends agreed to host our rehearsal dinner in their home. I chose a menu of lasagna, caesar salad and bread but I wore white jeans. Everybody knows marinara sauce is drawn to white clothing. I was more nervous eating that meal than at my wedding.
  • Michael and I had decided to forego our bachelor and bachelorette parties. Instead, we had a worship night after the rehearsal dinner. Michael has amazing vocals! I felt a deep kindred-spirit closeness with the dear brothers and sisters in Christ who made up our wedding party. Together we praised Jesus for bringing us to the eve of our wedding and our friends prayed over us, asking God’s blessing and favor on us as a couple.

Our Wedding Day

  • I awoke on February 8, 1992, in my childhood room in my parents’ home. I got ready in the familiar bathroom. I felt like the same little kid, but I was getting married! It all seemed so surreal.
  • I had a bargain brand lipstick that I was ecstatic about because it was the perfect shade for the day!
  • We were married by a pastor who was a family friend. His church was in an office park and had a black and white industrial vibe. We built that into our theme, adding touches of red and sprinkles of fire and ice roses. It was simple and unique.
White roses with red tips: 30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years
Photo by Katya Zyu on Unsplash
Fire and Ice Roses
  • I adored my wedding dress. I bought the first one I tried on. It was priced right and fit perfectly; no alterations needed.
  • As hard as I tried, none of my bridesmaids liked their dresses. Has any bridesmaid ever liked their dress? If you’ve been a bridesmaid, please comment and tell me about the dress you were asked to wear!
  • From the church’s back room, where I hid until it was time to enter, I could see the guests arriving. The building was made of reflective glass, so they could not see in, but I could see out. It was amazing to see all my most favorite people making their way to the same door.
  • My best friend worked so hard for me. I brainstormed and she handmade everything in my imagination that didn’t exist in stores. The selflessness and talent she had were incredible!
  • She made my veil, which was more of a white halo made of tulle and flowers. It was perfect, I loved it. And her. She was the sister I never had. I tried hard not to cry when she put it on my head a few minutes before the ceremony, because – you know – makeup.
  • I have vivid memories of my grandparents from my wedding. I remember what they were wearing. I remember their smiles and genuine joy. My nana had her jaw wired shut after breaking it in a fall. But she looked radiant. None of them are alive today (grandparents or best friend from point above) so the memories are priceless!
  • My sister-in-law cried all the way down the aisle. I was glad I couldn’t see her face, because I’m an empathetic crier and – yes – makeup.
  • My dad walked me down the aisle, gave me away, then went directly to the microphone and sang “Sunrise, Sunset”, the song from Fiddler on the Roof. Click here to read the beautiful, heartfelt lyrics. From just this excerpt, you will understand why I, and my makeup, were doomed to part ways!

Is this the little girl I carried

Is this the little boy at play?

I don’t remember growing older

When did they?

…Sunrise, sunset

Written by: Jerry Bock / Sheldon Harnick
  • We wrote our own vows. Michael wrote, and read, an amazingly touching poem for me. Why did I try to wear makeup?.
Me crying while my groom read his vows: 30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years
There was no hope for my makeup.
  • I found out later that most of the women in the audience were in the same makeup predicament. The tissues that came out while my dad sang were used again as my groom poured wondrous words of devotion from of his huge heart.
  • After the ceremony, I used the term “Handsome Husband” a million times. It sounded so strange and yet so wonderful.
  • The entire day was a collaboration of service by loved ones. Friends worked on everything from food to furniture to make our ceremony special.
  • Cake pops were not yet a thing, that I recall, but my mom handmade hundreds of heart-shaped chocolate lollipops to offer our guests.
  • I remember our cake tasting appointment better than the actual wedding cake. Sampling the flavor choices was my favorite element of wedding planning.
  • Newly engaged friends were at our wedding. They wanted to get married quickly and were able to arrange, then and there, for the same pastor, church, and order of ceremony. It was a crazy de ja vu for Michael and me to come back, just 3 weeks later, as guests for their wedding.
  • I changed out of my wedding dress and into a cute white suit to leave the church. It was still the days of pantyhose, and I had the daintiest white ones with a hint of shimmer. I was so proud to get them on without running them. (I’m aging myself. Do young brides today even know what it means to run a pair of hose?)

The Honeymoon (and following days)

  • We spent our wedding night in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast only a few miles from the church. Our room had a view of the ocean, a huge fireplace, and thick bathrobes for our use. There, in the lap of highest luxury I’d ever experienced, we ate a box of pizza because, back then, pizza places were the only restaurants which delivered.
  • My grandparents gifted us our honeymoon. They planned, and paid for, a trip along the coast with overnight stays in unique spots on the way. The most memorable was an inn where each suite had its own motif. Our room was forest themed, and it truly felt like we were sleeping under the trees.
  • One honeymoon afternoon, while exploring a quaint coastal town, we found a jewelry shop which soldered my engagement and wedding rings together while we waited.
  • On the way back from our week-long honeymoon, we stopped at my parent’s house to open our wedding gifts. I was overcome by the generosity of our friends. I’m still using a few of those gifts today!
  • Our photographer (in the days before digital and editable photography) used the incorrect camera settings for indoor photos. We got a pile of very-washed-out wedding pictures. He was our neighbor, had donated his time as our gift, and he felt terrible. But they are one of a kind. To this day, I haven’t seen any other wedding photos like mine! (The ones in this post have been scanned and color corrected. Technology has improved!)
  • Two weeks after our wedding, we went to Tahoe, to be treated by Michael’s family to our formal reception. They threw a luau (Hawaiian party) we will never forget! It was fun to get to wear my wedding dress twice. Only God knew, as we sat watching the Polynesian dancers, that we would have 5 kids of our own, who would grow up dancing and entertaining at many similar future luaus.
My groom and me: 30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years
God has been so faithful.
We owe Him everything!

Before I sign off, I want to wish my handsome husband a very Happy Anniversary! He deserves a standing ovation for putting up with me every single day for 30 years. Counting leap years, that is roughly 10, 957 days. We joke that the pastor who married us must have tied the knot tight!

If you’re still reading, thank you for indulging me. I appreciate your company down memory lane as I’ve recalled 30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years. I’d love to hear something you remember from your wedding or a marriage ceremony you’ve attended. Do we have any experiences in common? Any complete opposites? Did your bridesmaids like their dresses? What are your thoughts?

55 replies on “30 Wondrous Wedding Memories for 30 Wonderful Years”

Happy Anniversary! Your pictures and memories are so beautiful. What a legacy of love!!! You’re beautiful, in and out. I have to share. This year would have been my 34th wedding anniversary. I was 19 headed into my sophomore year of college. We spent 16 years together. I’m a divorcée,…more than once. I had given up on love. My Grandfather and Uncle, who were both pastors, married me the first time. There have been years I was angry at God as much as myself. I’ll be 52 and I found my true love in Jesus. Mama, I know that without God at the center things might crumble. So I say to you, with much celebration in my heart for you both, well-done!!!! God bless you!!!!

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Oh my friend, thank you! It can be difficult, sometimes, to celebrate with someone when things went differently for you. So I truly admire you. And you are so right! Without God in the center, things would have crumbled. I didn’t know what I wanted or needed in a husband when I went down the aisle. I had a great example of a steadfast marriage in my parents, but many people do. My husband and I agreed to put the “D” word out of our vocabulary and to keep our promises to each other. And when we disagreed, we both agreed to let Jesus solve it. What the Bible said was the final answer. Sometimes I was right, sometimes he was right, often we were both wrong, but Jesus was always right. I don’t know how to keep a marriage together but Jesus does. He gets all the credit today! Thank you so much for sharing. How many years has it been since you found your true love in Jesus? That is an anniversary worth having ❤

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Such a beautiful and humble response my friend. I love your testimony! Amen! I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 8. I was 45 before I TRULY felt the real and abandoned love of Christ. Through my many ups and downs, health crisis, and other things, it was the love that only Christ could redeem in me that made me understand just how deep he loves me! Have a beautiful day celebrating!!!

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Jesus courted you for as long as it took. He is beyond faithful, isn’t He? I know many people include their ‘dating years’ in their anniversary, like “We’ve been married 30 years, together 31”. I don’t do that because, as you can see, it hardly changes the story. But you – you can say “Jesus and I have been together 44 years, inseparable for 8.” That is a story – that is a testimony! That is worth everything. Exclusivity with Jesus! May we live to the finish and this “felt the real and abandoned love of Christ” be true until the story ends.

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This response brought tears to my eyes. You inspired me! So many years I felt I was his exclusively ~but I really wasn’t. I tried to do the right things and did everything a Christ-follower “should” do. I swallowed my pride. This will sound strange, but I felt as though Jesus was saying, “I needed you alone so you’d be completely mine!” Exclusivity with Jesus! Yes! Thank you, sister! 💕❤️🤗❣️💚🥰 can you feel the hugs I’m giving you?

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Thank you so much, Fred. When I think of the gift that each day is, I am overwhelmed by the thought of 30 years, past or future! Til death do us part, whenever that is. I would love another 30 years unless Jesus comes for us. I’d also love that! ;). Have a wonderful day, my friend!


Oh what a beautiful post and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It was lovely to read about your memories from that day and YES, I can relate to the “pantyhose”. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your marriage and may the next 30 years be just as blessed! Best Wishes! Leigh

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I’m so glad Liza and I could be apart of yours a Michael’s wedding. I remember how happy she was to make those special things for you. It was a beautiful day. I especially remember your Dad singing “Sunrise Sunset”. Anytime I hear or think of that song I remember how your Dad sang to you. Happy Anniversary you two. May God bless another 30 years plus.

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Thank you, John! It truly was a better day because you and Liza were there. And at the reception too. And your incredible wedding! You were a favorite part of our lives and we still have so many great memories entwined with you. I can’t wait to get to Heaven and see Liza again. I know you feel that even more than I do. So much love to you and the kids. ❤️🧡💛


First of all – Happy Anniversary! The best piece of advice I got on my wedding day was that life is all in how you react to it. Bad things may happen, but that doesn’t matter as much as how you react to/handle it.

Great advice from my mom. Unfortunately, I married a real rat, who was horribly abusive to me and the kids. However, my mom’s advice still holds true for me. Life is all in how you react to what happens.

God bless and have a great anniversary!

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Yes, we are safe! I was granted a restraining order and he is not allowed to contact the children except to once a year send them a birthday card because they have the choice of opening it. Life will throw curve balls, but God is constantly good.

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What a lovely post….congratulations to you both, and thanking God for doing what He does best! And oh, I LOVE those roses–fire and ice, I’d never seen such beautiful roses💖

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Aren’t those roses beautiful? I’d never seen anything like them either. They were my husband’s favorite flower. I don’t see them often, but anytime I do, they bring me such joy! Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my long post!

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I’m not sure, Zelda. I haven’t tried to buy any in a very long time. But I think all flowers are pretty pricey for Valentines Day, so I’d bet you’re right. There is a house on a street where I regularly walk, and they have a fire and ice rose bush in their yard. When it blooms, I take photos and send them to Michael. A picture lasts longer and the price is right! Haha!

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Oh that’s wonderful–yes, the photo’s last! One more question–did the fire and ice have a fragrance? Some breeds don’t. When I buy roses for myself they have to really smell nice!

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Great question! I wasn’t sure but I asked my husband, lol. He said they have a mild but very nice fragrance. I agree with you – flowers that smell nice are the best! I am not a rose fanatic, although I have some red ones in my yard which smell really nice. They are pretty, but I prefer gardenias, which I also have in my yard. They smell so divine!

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I’m a day late but happy 30th wedding anniversary! Hope that you had a great day and pray God will bless you with many more wonderful years of marriage! God bless 😊

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My bride of 31 years and I had a small wedding at a chapel on UI’s campus and her “Man of Honor” was a fellow PhD student in her department, and my “Best Maid” was a colleague in the Med-Tech program with me. Her family was in Canada and Hong Kong, too far away for the event, but my parents and sister came up from Kansas. 😊 Sweet memories.

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Sweet indeed! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your special day. I love that you had a best maid and a man of honor. It is about the people, who are important, being there to celebrate with us. 31 years! We’re chasing you guys :). May you be a year ahead of us for a long, long time!

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Happy belated anniversary! What a beautiful couple you are! I love your memories, especially forgoing the bachelor/ette parties to worship God instead. Beautiful!

My wedding gown was very similar to yours, including the beads in back! I wanted to get married in Maui but it became too complicated so we married in July in Phoenix, very small wedding. Then had our reception in November when it was more bearable weather wise. Ha

Congratulations on 30. Very impressive.

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Those dresses were the rage back in the day! I still think they are very pretty, but none of my daughters wanted to wear it. They are opting for much simpler styles now. I was in Phoenix yesterday- the weather was perfect!!! 😁

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Dress…I always wanted a classic simple, no frills, silky gown but when I tried mine on, I just knew. I felt like a princess! You were in Phoenix? Which part? How cool! For the Phoenix Golf Open? I was out and about doing my own thing and could have met you!

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Welcome to the 30 club, this May, will mark the 34th, for my bride and I. I remember our wedding day, vividly. When my wife and I first met, she rolled her eyes at me, and wanted nothing to do with me. 36 years later, the love is has it should be, three strands strong. When, God’s love is at the center, the love is not easily broken, the love is forever! Happy anniversary, God tied the knots, and His love has bound your hearts!

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