Settle the Most Urgent Distractions Now

“Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.”

Psalm 68:19

No matter what time I do my ‘quiet time’ with Jesus, it is the most chaotic time of day.  The phone chimes, the kids need help, and my brain suddenly remembers something urgent.  I have learned to write the distractions down, getting them out of my head so my mind can be still. 

I believe God wants me to treat each day like quiet time.  When I begin to worry about some future event, I will take a small immediate action to put my mind to rest.  That might mean saying a quick prayer to release the stress to God.  Sometimes it may be a more hands-on task, such as stashing a few dollars away or doing some research to inform myself about a scary unknown.  

I have what I need for today.  I will do what I can to prepare for tomorrow, knowing that when tomorrow becomes today, God will bear any burden that remains.   

How about you? Is there anything occupying your thoughts and disturbing your peace? What can you quickly do to settle the urgent distractions now?

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One of my favorite Christian movies. So powerful.

Also a song by Jaci Velasquez called On My Knees:
There are days when I feel
The best of me is ready to begin
Then there days when I feel
I’m letting go and soaring on the wind
‘Cause I’ve learned in laughter or in pain
How to survive

… I get on my knees, I get on my knees
There I am before the love that changes me
See I don’t know how, but there’s power
When I’m on my knees

… I can be in a crowd
Or by myself, in almost anywhere
When I feel there’s a need
To talk with God, He is Emmanuel
When I close my eyes no darkness there
There’s only light

… I get on my knees, I get on my knees
There I am before the love that changes me
See I don’t know how, but there’s power
In the blue skies, in the midnight
When I’m on my knees

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Such a brilliant idea, Mama Lava, to treat all day as quiet time–quieting our minds and hearts in the various ways God’s provided. We CAN put worries aside and practice his presence more consistently without distraction! Thank you! I’ve just written myself a note: Treat all day as quiet time, the Mama Lava way! : )

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