The Amazing News I’m Really Excited to Share – Part 3

We signed the lease papers for the home in Arizona! It was the ignition which set off the next string of moving fireworks.

Part 3 of the amazing news I’m really excited to share is different.

This is where the grit hit the gravel and exposed all the feels. I know many of you will relate.

We’d been talking about moving for over a year. But that didn’t seem to soften the blow when we told the kids we’d found a house and were imminently going. It suddenly got very real.

A crown made of diamonds and pearls
Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash
Pearls and diamonds come from irritation and pressure

When I say ‘kids’, I’m talking about my 2 oldest daughters. They’ve both been married and have kids of their own. For different reasons, they and their children have been living with us. They are not currently able to leave California, so they need to find somewhere here to live.

My daughters are very different, and they handle stress in opposite ways. One struggles to get going and the other can’t stop. The latter had been on housing waitlists for months, responded to every ad, and done everything she knew to do for herself and her sister, but still had no leads. Her anxiety was so high she was physically sick.

Could the girls move-in together? Possibly. But in addition to handling pressure in contrasting ways, they also live very differently. One is an extrovert who loves to entertain. The other is extremely introverted, and her home is her haven. Their ideal is to live separately, but near each other.

My husband and I believed God had been waiting on the step of obedience, which we had taken.

God wanted us to act upon that which was in our control before He moved on that over which we had none. We had done our part. Now we were trusting Him to do His.

As the girls noted, trusting was easier for my husband and me. We weren’t looking at homelessness in a month. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure the “good” God had in store was the provision we all hoped for. I’ve heard that God works all things out for good. It is a coffee cup cliché. But those words mean something different in context.

“And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:27-28

I did not know God’s will in relation to the next temporal living situation for my girls. All I could truly say with confidence was that God wants them to live with Him for eternity. He wants that so much He sent His Son to die a bloody death on a wooden cross, thereby paying the price for their sin. He died and rose again to offer eternal life to me, to you, to them.

The kicker is this – we each must each choose Him for ourselves.

I firmly believe God is willing to forego our happiness to forge our holiness. Eternity is far more important. My heart is learning to be at peace, even when God allows uncomfortable circumstances in the lives of my children.

Not only that, but I must thank Him for their hardships. If those struggles cause my children to choose God’s will and provision for their lives, then they are blessings of the richest kind. My response needs to be gratitude.

Does that sound harsh? Sometimes it sure feels that way. My mama heart would love to coddle them, shoulder their burdens, and make them smile. But the satisfaction would be fleeting.

God has made promises about the eternal salvation of all 5 of my children.

While God has assured me regarding my kids, He has also alerted me that the road will be tough for some of them. I cry typing that because I love them each fiercely. But the time we have in this world is miniscule and eternity is forever… and ever… and ever… with no end. I would rather sacrifice my comfort, and theirs, in this life to secure it for the next.

So, with all this weighing heavily on my heart, I did what I know to be the most productive thing. I prayed. It seemed like a long time passed. It was actually only days.

My husband was submitting notice and securing bids from moving companies. I was preparing to quit my job. Things were barreling ahead for our move and still my girls had nowhere to go. Emotions were through the roof, but everyone downplayed them so as not to alarm my grandkids.

Lettered blocks spelling the word HOPE
Photo by Lynnelle Richardson on
Hope heals

And then… One daughter saw an affordable listing pop up. She was online at the time and the first to apply. It was a glimmer of hope. Once again, we waited.

The amazing news I’m really excited to share today is that God paved the way for her to move!

I’m still exhaling hard when I say that! Praise the Lord! The paperwork came together, the apartment was prepared, and she signed the lease.

We moved the heavy stuff the weekend before last. She has taken the small stuff in several carloads since. She now lives only a mile from my 3rd daughter and her husband.

And not just that…

The rental agent mentioned that she, unexpectedly, had another available unit. She noticed a last name on her application list matched my daughter’s and wondered if there was any relation. You guessed it! It was my other daughter! This is EXACTLY what we’ve been praying for.

But it isn’t a done deal yet. My daughter has challenges in her rental and income history which are likely to discourage a property manager. It will take a real act of God to smooth it over.

And that takes me back to what I know. God’s definition of the good He is working for all of us is related, first, to our holiness and our eternal home. Although I want to grasp this current housing opportunity, grip my daughter’s (and granddaughters’) happiness, and clench their security, I have no control. I must keep my hands open.

With tears streaming down my face, my hands are open.

Open hands, palms up.
Photo by Kindel Media on
Open hands, trusting heart.

Will you pray with me? Pray for God’s will to be done and appreciated, whatever it is. Pray for my mama heart through this process.

And pray for my girls. Pray for their eternal good. Pray for them to desire God’s will – to love Him and pursue His purpose. Ask that He would rain His blessings – physical, spiritual, and emotional – onto their earthly situations.

Pray that He would allow the heart of the rental agent to be softened toward my daughter’s plight. That she would be approved for the available unit and able to move in before we leave. And that I can move away knowing there is a roof over everyone’s heads. I will keep you posted…

Open hands raised up
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels
Release and find peace

My friend, is God asking you to open your hands? Have you been clenching tightly to something only He can rightly handle? Will you give over to Him whatever, or whomever, it is?

Letting go is hard – some might even say impossible. But another piece of amazing news I’m really excited to share with you today, is that all things are possible with God. He is a God who restores. And He wants you for eternity.

You are precious! You are loved!

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.””

Luke 18:27

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.”

1 Peter 5:10, 11

24 replies on “The Amazing News I’m Really Excited to Share – Part 3”

So excited for your daughters! Already prayed for God to work the things that only He can do for them. This post speaks to my heart as I have my own concerns for one of my daughters. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me that God is still faithful and He can be trusted. Now I need to be courageous and do my part! Best Wishes! Leigh

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Thank you so much for your prayers! We mamas have a way we want to see God work in the lives of our adult kids. It is a sobering, but also reassuring thing to remember that He is going to work in their lives for what is best eternally… and, seeing the big picture we can’t see, He may need to work in opposition to our hopes for the short term. I know that, for me, God has my attention the very most when I’m hanging over a cliff of some kind. Nobody wants to see their kids hanging over a cliff, but if that is how they also learn… so be it! I know God will not let go. 😉 I trust Him!

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You presented such good thoughts about letting go and surrendering, Mama Lava! What a hard situation for you, to feel torn between what you feel called to and between the struggles of your family! I hope and pray that God will work all out for good and give you love and comfort in your heart as you follow His leading. 🤗

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Thank you so much! What wonderful encouragement from you, a young person who is likely similar in age to my girls. If you have any wisdom for me from your end of the perspective pole, I’m all ears! 😉

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Awe, thank you! I think you’re doing amazing by supporting your girls, praying for them, and still encouraging them to seek God’s Will as you desire to do. His Plans may look different for all of you but whatever they are, they will always be the best for each one of you!

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I will join you in prayer. ❤️ I can relate to your Mama heart. May God continue to give you peace as you walk in obedience. Personally, He has worked so mightily through the difficult and the painful that although it’s never pleasant it has always turned out good. May it be so in your life and the lives of all your children and grandchildren. 💞

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I agree- God works mightily in difficulty. I think it is largely because He has our full attention. I don’t want my kids to endure that, but I don’t want to rob them of it either. I appreciate your prayers, always!


This is just so beautiful and absolutely I will be lifting up your girls and your family and asking Abba to show Himself to them and you as Jireh. Bless you all!!! I look forward to seeing the praise on the other side of this river!!

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Thank you so much! I’m honored to be kneeling in such great company – you and all the readers who have agreed to surround my family in the throne room of grace. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be part of the body of Christ!


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