The Amazing News I’m Really Excited to Share – Part 6

Hello, hello, hello! (I may have had an espresso shot too many!) But I wanted to quickly say hi and tell you the amazing news I’m really excited to share today.

I’m in the thick of the thick. I’m condensing a 3300-ish square foot house and 3-car garage into a 26-foot moving truck. And today was estate sale day!

When I say estate sale, I really mean pillage day. But doesn’t it sound better the first way?

Miscellaneous household items on a long table
Pillage Day was like a garage sale, only it was in the living room, had an exclusive invitee list, and everything was free.

I put all the things I could not, would not, or should not take with me into one room and invited my five kids to raid it. Everything from spices to stationary, pots and pans to perfume and anything in between. It was like a free garage sale, or more accurately, living room sale.

The amazing news I’m really excited to share today is that there is joy in the journey!

I had fun! It was heartwarming to hear about why certain items were nostalgic or important to which kid. I found joy in hearing the memories they had attached to the items up for grabs.

And it was entertaining to see them making piles for each other of things they didn’t want to see their siblings go without. One daughter made a cluster of ingredients she wanted her sister to take, cook, and then invite her to dinner. It brought laughter to my hard day of work.

Grocery ingredients on a cabinet shelf
The pile my daughter made for her sister, whom she hoped would make kalua pork and apple pie and then invite her over.

But possibly the most fun for me was when I handed each of them a file of things I’ve been keeping from their school years. It contained their report cards and some commendation type things. They didn’t realize I’d kept them. They thought it great to read teacher comments and to recall themselves as they once were.

It has been a busy week of donating, trashing, selling, and packing. But the amazing news I’m really excited to share today is that I’ve found such joy in the journey. My children went home with some things they need, some things they want, and some smiles they’d forgotten about. My mama heart is happy.

By the by, my son dropped, and broke, an almost-full bottle of sesame oil. Boy was that a mess. But, on the upside, it landed on tile, not carpet and now the whole house smells sesame good! It is hard not to see the upsides to every downturn when God has been so faithful. If you haven’t been following and would like to binge-read the story, it starts here.

Thanks for smiling with me today. I appreciate you more than you know! If you have any amazing news you’re excited to share, I’d love to hear it!

Now I’ve got to get back to business. The movers will be here at sunrise on Saturday! If you were going to condense everything you own to fit into a 26′ x 7′ x 8′ truck, what would you be sure to keep? What would you like to see your loved ones receive? To what would you happily say, “good riddance”?

10 replies on “The Amazing News I’m Really Excited to Share – Part 6”

Again, congratulations, sister! I’m so happy everything is slowly but surely falling into place. Always looking back (at the past, etc.,) with children brings a heart full of gratitude. I love the selflessness that exists amongst your children, too! God bless you & don’t get tired of writing these “Exciting News” articles! I’ve enjoyed each one of them & happy God has answered your prayers, our prayers for you.

Grace to you. Your brother,


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I love how you kept files from their school years. For all that my Dad and Mother loved each of us four siblings, my elder sisters (a year and 1/2 apart) both had detailed books of “firsts” that every kid goes through complete with bronzed baby shoes. My brother (five years later and two years before me) has some class records and pictures of several of his projects (science and art). As the baby, I got a clip of my first hair-cut and a couple of pictures. 😒
I know I was loved, but just wish the other three had not worn my parents out so much! 😂😂

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Haha! It’s universal, I think. My baby got some tired parents too, but now he has us all to himself, as he’s the only one moving with us. He may be missing some photo ops from when he was little, but he’s looking forward to some vacations and such now that the others didn’t get. Did it even itself out that way for you?

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Very much. My sisters complained that we boys had a sweet ride compared to their restrictions, and my brother thought I could get away with murder and Dad and Mother would say, “Well, he’s so young.” 😂

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Sounds like my kids somehow got a recording of conversations at your house and repeated them in our house. I think many of the stereotypes are true when it comes to dynamics of a large family.

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I am hoping this will be the start of a much more minimalist lifestyle! At least I think we are done with the “kid stuff” phase of our lives. Kids have a lot of stuff!


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