The Amazing News I’m Really Excited to Share – Part 7b

Well this is a first! I’m blogging from my phone. Does it look ok to read?

Most of you know I am mid-move from California to Arizona. I have packed my laptop in anticipation of being on the road soon. But I have amazing news I’m really excited to share, so here I am, hoping WordPress and my iPhone are playing nice. I will keep it brief.

I’m calling this Part 7b. In Part 7a, I mentioned that God had graciously encouraged me in regards to moving away from my adult kids and my grandkids. Ah- it is such a hard thing!

Moving forward always means leaving something behind.

But God is faithful and He gave me three verses. I shared the first in my last post. Here is the second.

Verse that says God will teach our kids and give them peace.
God will teach our kids and give them peace!

Do you see what I see? What a promise! God Himself will teach my kids and see to it that they have peace. Yours too!

I had to look at the rest of Isaiah 54. It is an ode to the future glory of Zion. God is everything. He is all in all. When people finally see Him for who He truly is, they will want for nothing. Their families will lack nothing in His care.

Our God is a good shepherd. He tends His lambs with loving kindness. He will keep my lambs. He will teach my children and their children what they need to know in this crazy world.

I will not move out of state and leave them alone. I will leave them in the best of care. What a precious promise God has given to me.

This is amazing news and I’ve been really excited to share it with you. What encouragement! Are you separated from the ones you love? Do you also need to hold to this promise today?

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Your phone and pics were perfect. Even more, the verses and promises of God! My “kids” have been away from me (9 years the oldest) and 6 years (the youngest). They left to pursue military careers. I hold on the promises in Isaiah, as you, for they are living the lives God planned for them. My daughters-in-law need only a supportive Mother-in-law. I pray, I love, I listen,…they’ll grow their own wisdom. It’s very difficult just missing them all as I used to be able to travel more. But the love God has for them, the love I have for them, and the love they have for God and me–well,…it’s just all that’s needed! I’m SO EXCITED for you!! Stay safe and many blessings! 🤍🤗

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Such wisdom! Our kids are adults, but when they lived under our roof, the relationship was still, in a way, them under our authority. It is high time to back off all of that and, as you said, pray, love and listen. Thank you for that!

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God is reinforcing it for you- in you! I love when He does that- when He repeats Himself it feels like a special message… picture Him holding your face in His hands and saying “look in my eyes and hear this. It is especially for you”.

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It must not easy but you have left them in good hands . And your not too far away . But you know it’s time for your heart has chose this new path now and that’s why it’s right. My son only lives two hours away. but it’s still hard because I can’t just hop in the car and see him . But he’s okay. And I believe you will be too. 😊

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