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One Father’s Day Post Remarkably Limited by Brain Fog

Pssst, friend, do you have a second? I’m so glad you dropped by! I want to talk to you about something. It’s kind of personal, but I’m hoping for your insight and grace.

My issue

I’ve been experiencing remarkable brain fog. It is frustrating, maybe, but honestly my mind is too murky to feel the frustration. It’s a strange sort of apathy. I have thoughts and ideas which lack cohesion and disappear before I can take decisive action.

Do you know what I mean? Have you encountered this type of thing? I’m sharing mine for two reasons.

  1. An explanation. I have been trying to only write as God blesses me with clarity. Admittedly, my blogs have been fewer.
  2. A request. If you have endured brain fog and obtained insight on how to overcome it, I’d love to learn. What worked for you?

My ideas

I have a few ideas as to why this may be happening:

  1. Age. I’m at that middle-age stage where hormones (or decrease of them) wreak havoc. I know brain fog can be part of the deal.
  2. Altitude. I’ve recently moved from sea-level to 7000 feet. I returned, last month, for a week-long visit to the town from which I moved. I’ve noticed my brain fog has been especially thick since I’ve come back to high altitude.
  3. Spiritual Warfare. I feel like there are spiritual truths I’m not quite grasping. A train of thought starts chugging and gains momentum for an intriguing minute but then it fades before the end of the track. It could be that the enemy is using spiritual warfare to run interference.
  4. Exercise and Nutrition. I finished a metabolic reset about a month ago. It was a set menu and exercise regimen. The workouts would have been extreme for me at sea-level, but they were really hard without time for proper adjustment to the altitude. I told myself I would either end up in the best shape of my life or dead… but maybe I ended up foggy. The nutrition was excellent during that two weeks, but not sustainable for my lifestyle or budget, so it’s possible the inconsistency is affecting my mind.
  5. Covid. I had Covid at the beginning of the year. One of the symptoms I experienced was brain fog and it was similar to what I’m noticing now. I’ve heard that, for some people, it persists for months. This could be my plight.
  6. Answered prayer. Ever since I decided to make SEO Someone Else’s Obsession, I have asked God not to let me write anything that isn’t worthwhile. Maybe my ideas haven’t fit His definition of meaningful and He has simply hazed them over in my brain. If that is it, then I’m thankful for the answered prayer.

My apology

So this is where I offer an apology. I really wanted to write a post of encouragement and appreciation to dads in anticipation of Father’s Day. Maybe I still will. But so far, I haven’t been able to hold onto any of my ideas long enough get a post done.

I had a moment of clarity yesterday while I was out on the trail and wrote an entire article in my head. When I got home and tried to type it out, I lost it. Chalk up another point to brain fog.

My thanks

For now, I hope a simple THANK YOU will suffice. Dads have it rough in today’s world. I know, I know – we’re told they have privilege because they’re men and we’re pressured to lend our support elsewhere. I say, hogwash!

I think dads who do what it takes to protect and provide for their families deserve more respect and appreciation than we could possibly muster. This world is trying to steal the leadership role that God gave to fathers in their households. A Godly man must work tirelessly to simply stand his ground, not allowing a godless society to envelop his family. And then he has to go above and beyond to model and instill a legacy of lasting faith for the coming generations.

If you’re this kind of dad, wow! You deserve great honor. If you have this kind of dad, celebrate him – not just on Father’s Day, but especially then.

And that is all God has helped me to put together for now. Tell me, have you been limited by prolonged brain fog? What was the cause? How did you overcome it? Do you have any suggestions for me?

What can you tell me about your dad? Do you have a favorite memory with him? If you’d like to honor him in the comments, it would be my privilege to celebrate him with you this Father’s Day week.

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32 replies on “One Father’s Day Post Remarkably Limited by Brain Fog”

Praying for you Mamalava! May Father heal you completely of any brain fog, especially from either covid or vaccines. You are in my nightly prayers when the Lord and I “pass through” Arizona.
❤️&🙏, c.a.

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Brain fog is REAL from COVID. I can attest to this from personal experience….it takes so much longer now to organize my thoughts in logical order…and I’m seeing more typos after postings than I allowed before. The good news is that your brain clarity will improve, and the extra time now required does make for better writing in some ways. I think fatigue and sleep disruption play large roles as well. Take heart…this, too, shall pass. Summer is here, a good opportunity to get some R&R outdoors. Nothing improves your mindset as quickly as a walk with Jesus in His beautiful creation!! Blessings to you!!

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Walks with Jesus in His beautiful creation is my favorite medicine too! 🙂 Thank you for the uplifting feedback. This really is making me feel older than I should – and its strange because I don’t really have it in me to care as much as I think I should either. And yes – hopefully it does make for better writing, even if posts are fewer and further between. It is interesting that God has us both in this weird spot, isn’t it?


Praying here as well Mamalava. I’ve had brain fog whenever I get sick and have a fever. My thoughts get much simpler and I purposefully would write or talk in short sentences trying to word them well one thought at a time. It helps to realize a few well chosen and placed words have more leverage in others minds then lots of points and explanations. That has ben my strategy. What you wrote about dads is good. It has truth, depth and emotion.

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You are encouraging when you’re sharing life struggles. It shows you’re real. 😉 I understand the fog. All of the above are reasons for it, and I’ve experienced them all (except the high altitude change.) I also understand posting less. There’s such a line between setting a schedule and trying to stick to it while listening to God lead us in his plans. When he says post, I’m trusting him even if it isn’t fitting my “schedule.” Sometimes less is more. Not what the world of marketing says, but I’ll go with quality (God) over quantity (maybe me or God…) I’m praying for you right now!

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Thank you. For the realistic expectation, the encouragement and for being the dad I’m sure you are. And may I add… even given your age, I don’t see anything foggy about the truth and beauty you blog!


Hello, friend! I’m sorry you are suffering. I will be praying for you! I never had COVID brain fog, but I did have brain fog. I had heard that cutting out dairy works, and it did for a while, but with celiac disease, there’s only so much I can eat as it is! Lately, I have been taking Ningxia Red, a product I sell through Young Living. It seems to help a lot, but I am not saying that you need to purchase this through me. I would never push YL on anyone. I just believe it is amazing and helps a lot.

As for fathers, that is a complicated issue in our family. My ex, who was in no way worthy of the title of father (my kids call him the sperm donor!) has messed with us in so many ways, it’s heartbreaking. The latest is that he has a judgement against the house that the court gave to me in the amount of almost $6,000! This happened after our divorce, but apparently, is my responsibility! He also tried holding up the sale by not signing off in the title. Goodness! How does he get right with God?

We are suffering and struggling and he is messing with us! All I can say is “God sees!” We will all have the judgement. So, in our family we celebrate Second Mother’s Day! Hey, if I do the work of both mother and father, then I should get the recognition, right? I wish it could have been different, but it just wasn’t.

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I’m so sorry, Rita! It sounds to me like you are absolutely the fitting honoree of second Mother’s Day! And, of course, we can all celebrate our gracious and faithful Heavenly Father as One always worthy! Have you moved yet? And thanks for the diet/supplement suggestions. I’ll look into what you have said. I don’t eat much dairy as it is, so I’d hate to cut out what I have, but I will try to pay attention to see if it is contributing to my problem. If it has to go, it has to go. I’ll look up Young Living too. I’m not very familiar with it. Have a blessed day!


Mama Lava, each of your potential causes or contributors to brain fog is a sound possibility. I’ve experienced brain fog a few times in my life generated by different causes.

1. Grief (a fog sometimes referred to as grief-brain)
2. PTSD and trauma
3. Lyme disease
4. Covid

The grief and PTSD were intermingled in my situation so it was quite debilitating. God alone got me through. He ministered to me through people, books, support groups, and most of all through prayer.

The brain fog from Lyme disease lifted after years and years of seeking health and finally getting a correct diagnosis and treatment. It was wonderful to have the cloud lift.

Covid hit me hard in the brain fog area. It took a good 6+ months to regain prior clarity.

I still have an occasional bought of fog and don’t know which of my list above is the contributor. I think most often it is from #2 but it can also be lingering after-effects of #3 or 4. I agree with the commenter who mentioned sleep. I definitely notice a difference if I don’t get proper sleep. Good sleep habits and routine are something I struggle with. Many with PTSD have issues with sleep.

Mama Lava, thank you for allowing us the privilege to join you in prayer. I’ll be praying that God reveals the cause and guide you if there is any action necessary. Yehovah bless you and make His face shine upon you.

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Thank you so much for your insightful response. I’m sorry that I’m in such good company because I wish it hadn’t happened to you (especially PTSD and Grief related) but since it has, thank you for sharing. I appreciate your prayers and it is encouraging that, in spite of the many reasons you have been hit with brain fog, you have also found relief. Yehovah bless you too, my friend!

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What great memories, on both sides of the generational gap! Thank you for sharing them 🙂 Time – you’re right, it is both the least and most expensive gift one can give and it means so much!


I could click like on so many of these replies and am so encouraged to hear I’m not alone in the brain fog struggle 😂 I started carrying around a notepad with me so I could jot down words as they come. This works so long as I’m detailed enough in my “jot” that when I read it later I don’t forget why I even wrote it 😳🤪 I agree with your assessments and am standing in prayer with you ❤️

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Oh, the trusty notepads! I hear you on “if I’m detailed enough with my jots”! Also, if I can remember which notepad and where I left it, haha! Apparently this is a struggle for many of us. Well, God is in charge and I trust He has it worked into His plan somehow. Thanks for commiserating with me. Although I’m sorry you can, it is comforting as well. 🌷

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Hi Mama!!! Great post and your hubby seems very Godly! ❤🥰❤

I’ve been noticing lots of brain fog and my attention span is that of a gnat anymore. I too, tried to figure it out but now just live in the moment and enjoy that. I think everything you mentioned sounds logical in contributing to brain fog. For me, the leading cause is too much stimuli constantly bombarding us. Like how many people do you communicate with and they all have stories of their own (and your brain tries to remember all those details until it gives up)?

Olden days…only had a phone so knew what was happening with one person. Today…talk to one person on the phone, hang up and have 1 on 1 texts, group texts, messenger messages, Facebook posts, WordPress blogs, emails, family members talking. It’s utterly ridiculous! Keep life simple and communicate with God mostly, is my motto!

I like you any old way you are!

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You know – I think you’re on to something! I’m guilty of it too – we throw information out there in some text and hold an expectation that people have received it and will be responsible with it. Group texts especially – I sent a bunch of new insurance information in a group text to my kids… and they have all messaged me again, asking how to find a new doctor. It went to show that we don’t remember receiving half of what we’ve been entrusted with, let alone do what is needed with the data. Our brains cannot process the deluge of constant information. I really like your idea of just letting go and living in the moment. I cannot do that 24/7 with work and a big family but I can do that more than I do. Thanks for the encouragement!


Hi! Regarding your insurance text, you went from having 20 things to do that day, to 50 things bc you have all this newly added work! And you love to help all people bc of your wonderful serving heart!

I love this topic bc of its relevancy to so many people. Do you mind if I blog about it too? We have a bit of overlap of friends but I think it’s worth another blog by me. Only if you’re OK with it though.

One of my best vacations ever was a place that had no internet. I still remember everything I did at that airbnb, like art journaling, reading and enjoying Women’s Day, which Book and chapter of the Bible I studied…all things I wouldn’t normally remember bc of the constant bombardment and distraction of communication methods. Sad but true. I highly encourage unplugged days.

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