Spaces Surging with Stunning Splendor are Something to See #2

Hello again! Welcome back to the “Something to See” mini-series. I just have to say THANK YOU so much for your help! I’m fascinated to learn what you know about the stunning splendor that is surging in open spaces all around me. The flowers are incredibly beautiful!

Waiting for my photos to load might take away from your reading time, so I’m posting just a handful a day for a few days. Aren’t today’s specimens spectacular? And oh, I wish you could see them up close and personal – they are breath-taking!

(Click any pic to see it larger and for the ability to scroll through them.)

Amazing, right? All flowers, but so different in size, shape, and color. Each is a masterpiece of God’s unbelievable creativity. Hmmm… not unlike you and me!

I would love your assistance identifying these blossoms in the comments. Just use the number in the photo’s caption and tell me what you know! And if you don’t know what kind of plants these are, simply comment on your favorite blossom. I am anxious to hear your thoughts!

I was reminded that I wrote about the surprisingly stunning summer blossoms when I visited Northern Arizona, on vacation, just last year. You can read my thoughts in this post from only months ago, when living here was still a future dream.

So much has happened in such a short time! I’m daily pinching myself, trying to comprehend how God saw us through all that it took to move. I feel extremely fortunate to call this beautiful place home. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the spaces surging with stunning splendor, which are truly something to see.

I’m so blessed to have you along for the adventure. Thank you, my friend. You are precious to me!


15 replies on “Spaces Surging with Stunning Splendor are Something to See #2”

Wish I could help identify your flowers, but my brown thumb is SOOO brown, just naming a flower causes it to wilt! Best if I leave this to green-thumbed horticulturists like my neighbor. 😏
Hey, stay hydrated down there in AZ!! The Phoenix valley is ‘cooling off’ to less than 100⁰F for its highs this week!! 😵
❤️&🙏, c.a.

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Ugh, I have a brown thumb too. I’m so glad God provides for the plants He puts in my path so I can enjoy them. He has the ultimate green thumb.
I don’t plan to go anywhere near the Phoenix valley any time soon. I’m content with the high 60’s and low 70’s daytime high temps we’re enjoying here. It is strange to “remember a jacket” in the summer, but I am not complaining! Gotta love the Northern AZ mountains!

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Mama Lava, I cannot help identify the lovely flowers but wanted to let you know there is an app my friend uses to identify plants and flowers by snapping photos on her phone. I don’t know the name of the app but you may be able to find it with a search.

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I am used to summers being so hot that all the spring flowers die and dry. A summer of blossoms seems unbelievably decadent! I can barely contain my impulse to photograph them everyday. 😂

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Rita, you’re such a patient friend! I’m sorry for all the trouble. I appreciate your help! I’ve only seen echinacea as an ingredient- never in its natural state. That’s so interesting! Your mind is full of helpful things 🙂


That flower is one of my favorites! I don’t blame the bees and butterflies 🙂 I will let you know if I get any insight from anyone as to what they are called. My hubby has the green thumb in our household too. I’m glad one of us does. Sounds like you’re in the same boat, so I’m happy for you too!


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