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Helpful Little Hack of the Hour: Your Face

Today’s helpful little hack of the hour is your face. Or more specifically, how you can use it as a secret passageway to gratitude. Folks, I’m telling you, this one has been an absolute Godsend in my life!

My face saved me yesterday.

The day was fabulous. All was going well. Until one little thing got under my skin and suddenly, I felt the pity party coming on.

Have you been there? One negative circumstance – relatively small compared to all that is going right – suddenly sours your mood. As false as it is, your emotions convince you that everything is going wrong.

The one bummer looms larger than all your blessings.
And the downward spiral begins.

When I first heard today’s helpful little hack of the hour, I was on the H1 Freeway, on the island of Oahu, headed west in the afternoon. If you have ever lived there, you know that means I was stuck in traffic. I was God’s captive audience.

Pastor Mike Kai was on the radio. He spoke about getting so pulled down by a problem, that it was hard to look up at Jesus. Relatable, right?

When he described the negative cycle, I was tracking with him. His solution, he said, was to begin with something literally right in front of his brain – his face.

“Jesus, thank you for my eyes, that I can see the beauty you’ve created. Thank you for my nose to smell the flowers and delicious food. Thank you for my mouth, that I can taste flavors and speak to the people I love…”

And it starts coming easier. “Thank you, Jesus, for this… and that… and that too.” Joy returns as gratitude takes over.

A bright pink and yellow sunset over a meadow
I’m thankful for my eyes, which enabled me to see this sunset. Gratitude puts grumbling in its place.

When my pity party was ramping up yesterday, I didn’t feel grateful. But I started with my face. I worked my way out from there. I thanked God for this helpful hack, which – once again – set my heart right.

It works every time. I triple-dog dare you to try it! Next time something goes awry, thank Jesus for the miracles you experience every day, right on your face. And then expand out.

Before you know it, your emotions will reset, and you will have a proper perspective on what is wrong and what is right.

The bummer will be cut to size by the enormity of your blessings.

I hope you find this helpful little hack of the hour is a game-changer for you too. The enemy throws pity parties and sends attractive invitations. Don’t attend. When gratitude is fleeting, start with your face.

Wondering why am I publishing these helpful little hacks of the hour? Read the Introduction and Intent post here.


15 replies on “Helpful Little Hack of the Hour: Your Face”

I love it because it creates habit. I don’t have to sit in my pity trying to think of something I’m grateful for- that just makes me feel more wretched. I can feel the pity coming and just go immediately to the wonder that is my face. I can’t understand how eyes work- how they portray color messages that my brain can translate. Or how my nose picks up fragrance. Right there, I already realize that there is a BIG GOD and I’m not Him and I owe Him everything and have no business being mad about the minor inconveniences of this amazing world! Add to that I’m headed to Heaven to be with Him!! Pity? What self pity? That pity is GONE! Haha! Have a great day, Rita! Happy Weekend!

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Thanks for the fresh reminder, MamaLava. “The bummer will be cut to size by the enormity of your blessings.”

I achieve the same results by beginning with my feet when I get hooked by a pity party invite. I can attest my downcast gaze moves from Earth upward to Heaven, and my attitude follows.

“Thank you, Father, for two feet that work. Help me use them to faithfully follow you. Thank you for my beating heart that pumps blood like the blood you shed for me. Thank you for my hands. Help me use mine to serve you today. Thank you for my mouth, containing the power of words. Transform me to spread hope by singing and shouting your praises, to glorify YOUR name. Thank you for two eyes to see the beauty of your created world. Let me see this situation and others as you do… Hallelujah!”

The LORD bless you today.

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Yes! Thank you for this! I think starting anywhere on our bodies will work. Our bodies are amazing creations and immediately show us that we have no right to think we could preside over anything better than our God!

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Lovely post! Oh the pity parties ….. had a few of those! LOL I agree that in those spaces finding the little things to be grateful for can turn it all around. May gratitude hunt us down and settle our minds in God’s never ending peace! Best Wishes! Leigh

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Pity parties are like those little get togethers with a friend or two that turn into ragers. They get out of hand in a hurry! Gratitude is like the police showing up! Haha- the negative thoughts scatter or get locked up! 😆😉

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B-b-but pity parties are so much fun! (NOT!) 😎
Btw, most of the time the streaks in the sky, whether white or dark against whiter clouds are most often contrails from jets (as when one is seeing the shadow of a higher contrail). Usually they only last a few minutes, but in stiller stratospheric air they can remain for hours.
❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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