One-Sided Conversations

God has surprised me with an unexpected object lesson through this blog. I realize I’m new at it, and it takes time to build a site and a community, but I often read other people’s blogs and enjoy the dialogue that takes place in the comments section almost as much as the post itself. And the other day, I was wondering how I could inspire more people to interact on mine. I have posted 50 articles now, and most of them have been one-sided conversations.

I haven’t been able to aptly identify for myself how I feel about the lack of input on my posts. It isn’t entirely disappointment or loneliness because I am always hopeful and motivated. And while there is a weightiness in the responsibility to steward the trust and time of my readers well, I am also joyful just to be doing what I love! Hey, comment below if you have the right word for that mindset. (Irony intended!)

Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who reads!

Friends, please don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all of you so very much! I write to cheer, challenge and cherish you, and if you’re a ninja reader who slips onto the Back Porch and back out again without a trace, you are always, always welcome. No comment required!

I was thinking about all of this when God caused me to realize that I am occasionally guilty of causing one-sided conversations. I talk to the Lord, and tell Him what I’m thinking, how much I’m thankful, what I need, everything that is on my heart… and then change my focus. Sometimes I don’t even check back with Him to see if He’s responded.

A deer with huge ears: one-sided conversations.
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The encouragement I want to pass on needs to come to me from the King of my heart and if I’m not paying attention to His message, how can I relay its relevance to you? When I pray, it must be a two-sided conversation. After I speak, I need to be all ears, listening with anticipation. Jesus communicates through His Word, His Spirit, and His people. He has truth to share, wisdom to impart, peace to give, and so much more. His input should be my priority.

I’ve learned that prayers and blogs have this in common: they are richer with feedback. My blog is a work in progress, and I expect I will be learning about prayer until the day I finally speak to Jesus face to face. All the while, I will do what I can to amend my one-sided conversations. If you have any helpful hints or suggestions for me, I’d be grateful to read them.