Your Value is Unique and Vibrant and Higher than You Think – Hear me Out!

Ok, kids, gather round! I know many of you are my age, but you’re never too old for some maternal love and I have some for you right now. Your value is unique and vibrant and higher than you think. Pull up a chair and hear me out!

I’ve seen and heard so many depressing and bleak things and I’m sure you have too. But your value is sky high! I’ve been thinking about you. I have a story for you – a loose retelling of a tale I heard many years ago. It applies to you right now. It goes like this…

There was a poor man in a humble village raising two daughters. They were coming of age and he knew suitors would soon come asking for their hands in marriage. As was the custom in those parts, he would be offered goats for their betrothal.

Man loading harvest onto a bike: Your Value is Unique and Vibrant and Higher than You Think - Hear me Out!
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A beautiful woman might exact three goats. This man considered his older daughter vibrant enough to merit two. His youngest, though, was homely and shy and he was realistic. He was hoping someone would offer one goat and marry her.

Just as the father expected, his first daughter caught the eye of a local man, who paid two goats and she was married. He waited to see if anyone would see value in his other girl. He waited, and he waited.

One day, a man from a neighboring village came to call. The father invited him to dinner and watched in awe as the visitor gazed admiringly at his remaining daughter. At the end of the meal, the guest put forth his offer. Would six goats be an acceptable exchange?

Goats on the hillside: Your Value is Unique and Vibrant and Higher than You Think - Hear me Out!
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The father put out his hand to shake on it before the man could correct his error. But there was no mistake. Six goats were given, and the daughter went to live with her groom in his village.

Sometime later, the father noticed a gathering in the square. He approached and caught sight of his son in law for the first time, since the wedding. But he did not see his daughter by his side. Instead, he saw a stately and beautiful woman, who carried herself with poise and grace.

He went to confront the man. How dare he marry and then cast his daughter aside when someone more beautiful came along? He was ready to take his girl back into his care, but he most certainly was not going to return the goats!

Couple with goats: Your Value is Unique and Vibrant and Higher than You Think - Hear me Out!
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When he got close, he realized something amazing! That vibrant and unique woman was his daughter. The transformation which had taken place in her was nothing short of astounding. He couldn’t help but notice it out loud and ask her what had caused such a change.

Her reply was simple. “I’m a six-goat girl, Papa. What would you expect of a six-goat girl?”

Hear this, my precious friend, your worth is not what you think it is.

Your value is established by what someone is willing to pay for you.

Jesus gave everything! He paid it all. He laid down His position, His authority, His comfort, His relationships, His blood, His life, all of it. For you.

So raise your countenance, lift your gaze. Walk with assurance and grace. You are the bride of Christ. He paid the highest price, everything of value. He said then, and still says today, “You’re worth it!”

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:38, 39

How does this affect the way you see yourself? Should you think about and carry yourself differently than you do? Do you believe that your value is unique and vibrant and higher than you thought? Thank you for hearing me out. You are loved.