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I am not Queen of the Quick Comeback. Too often, I try to make a yolk in the moment and end up with egg all over my face. (See what I mean – and that one was even thought out!) Maybe that is why I like to write. It allows me to plan what I say and say what I plan; and write thoughtful words. From

  • Thoughtful(adj): decided on as a result of careful thought
  • Words related to thoughtful: intentional, purposeful, careful, informed, planned…
  • Nearest opposite words of thoughtful: random, unadvised, hurried, abrupt, purposeless…

How do you feel about moments of silence in conversations? Some of the smartest people I know take the time to think before they speak. Now I’m wondering – do you think they use pause because they’re smart or do they seem smart because they use pause? Hmmm…

I appreciate that the definition above says thoughtful words are ‘decided on’. We can deliberately pick the words that will serve our purpose. Are we trying to evoke someone to laugh? Reconsider? Understand? Believe in themselves? Our chances of success are better if we carefully choose our words for the situation and audience we have. The Bible is straightforward:

“Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.”

Proverbs 29:20

Now it is your turn. I genuinely want to know your thoughts. How do you deal with awkward pauses? What strikes you about the concept of thoughtful words? What about the risk of over-thinking? Please share in the comments below!

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