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When You Frame It Like That…

Have you ever set out to “quickly” clean a closet only to get completely distracted by all the forgotten treasures you find? That happened to me, in essence, when I went looking through my phone’s camera roll for a particular photo.

When I see things that evoke thoughts and emotions to remember, my habit is to snap a quick photo. But then I forget about the photo until I go scrolling through for whatever reason. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I thought we could help each other out in this regard. “When you frame it like that…” seems like a good prompt which will lead into an explanation of what we were thinking and what emotions we were trying to preserve when we snapped the photos we have.

Do you have photos to share? Will you participate?
1. Use the title “When You Frame It Like That…” and then insert your own caption.
2. Share your photo and tell its story.
3. Link back to this prompt.
I will keep all the pingback and trackback links below and we can create an album of sorts.
What do you think? Please join me!

For example, you can find my first one here: When You Frame It Like That… Its the Quiet Ones Who Get Overlooked

11 replies on “When You Frame It Like That…”

Wow – what a series of photos! I’m glad you shared them all. You’re right, if you only saw 1 you’d miss too much of the story and the beauty! Thanks for participating and blessing us with the snapshot into your world.

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