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Lets and roller skates

Thank God He Doesn’t Give Us Everything We Ask For!

Last week, I read a headline about accepting life as it is, especially when it isn’t what you expected. Since then, I’ve found myself thinking back to many things I’ve wanted, and for which I fervently prayed, that never came to be. And my reaction has been “Thank God He doesn’t give us everything we…

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Three people on a fishing boat

Drill Down to The Depths with a Simple “Why?” Game!

Have you ever had a child repeatedly ask you “Why?”? I was walking with my granddaughter the other day and she was playing this game. Me: “Look at that boat out on the lake. I think people are fishing off it.”Her: “Why?”Me: “A lot of people like to fish. They find it relaxing.”Her: “Why?”Me: “Probably…

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Lettered wooden tiles which spell anxiety.

How Anxiety in Your Life Indicates Sure Fire Reasons for Alarm

Do you know what anxiety is? How would you define it? I’ll admit I hadn’t really stopped to examine it until recently. In this post, I hope to explain how anxiety in your life indicates sure fire reasons for alarm. At the same time, I expect you’ll find it reassuring. I understand that sounds a…

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Woman at a desk with open computer.

Where Do You Turn To Feel Better When You’re Anxious?

Hi there!  How are you today?  Are you hanging in there? In my last post, I mentioned feeling anxious about a medical procedure and it seemed to strike a chord.  Many of us have anxiety, related to all kinds of things, so let’s talk about it!  When you’re anxious, and want to feel better, where…

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A sunset sky over the treetops

Are You Holding Tightly to Things which Make You Anxious?

Hello Friends! How are you? I underwent a minor medical procedure today. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I had some anxiety about it. I plan to tell you about it in the coming days. In the meantime, I wanted to share this verse, which was meaningful to me in the hours before my appointment.…

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A woman sitting on the bathroom floor

God of the Bathroom Floor

Hello, my precious Back Porch friends! I came across this powerful article by Esther, the Dolly Mama. I contacted her and she graciously granted me permission to share it with you. I hope it touches and encourages you the way it did me. God of the bathroom floor God isn’t just the God of SteeplesPrayer…

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A large buck

Flee Or Fail: One Lesson To Be Learned From This Beautiful Buck

This is Buck. It’s not an overly creative name, I realize, but that is what I call him. Isn’t he beautiful? God taught me a relevant lesson when Buck failed to flee. It happened like this… My husband and I were out on a trail. We came around a tree and saw Buck standing only…

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A dog wrapped in toilet paper

Hurry Happens in the Heart when Humor Hits Hard

My husband sent the following meme to our kids and me in our family group text. I agreed wholeheartedly and laughed too hard. I felt understood. When the humor hits hard… Humor is funnier when it has an element of truth in it. I know this hit hard with some of our kids, because it’s…

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