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A man holding a sparkler to heaven while aerial fireworks explode behind him.

How To Heal the World with a Few Forgotten Changes

Hi there! What country are you currently in? Would you say you live in a land that needs God’s intervention? America, heading into her 246th birthday, needs Him like never before. She needs God to step in with forgiveness and miraculous healing! He will, if… “…if my people, who are called by my name, will…

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A hazy photograph with focus only in the center

One Father’s Day Post Remarkably Limited by Brain Fog

Pssst, friend, do you have a second? I’m so glad you dropped by! I want to talk to you about something. It’s kind of personal, but I’m hoping for your insight and grace. My issue I’ve been experiencing remarkable brain fog. It is frustrating, maybe, but honestly my mind is too murky to feel the…

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A heart shaped hole showing a beautiful snow-scape beyond

Living a Heart-Rock Life in a Proven Hard-Knock World

It’s the hard-knock life! I’m sure you’ve heard the sentiment, made famous by the popular Broadway musical “Annie”. It is relatable as it focuses on the difficulties of living. Empty belly life Rotten smelly life Full of sorrow life No tomorrow life Excerpted from the lyrics of “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” by Charles Strouse and…

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Wooden hearts with love notes pinned to a clothesline.

A Gift of Love from God’s Heart is Special Anytime!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re feeling loved today! Because, you know what? You are! Think about this for a minute… Jesus, Creator of the whole universe, loves you so much that even if you were the only person on earth, He would have willingly died on the cross to make a way to spend eternity…

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Two people in full armor by the side of a river

The Powerful Gift of People in Battle-Worn Armor

The final whistle blows at the end of a high school football game. The coaches call the players into a brief huddle, then dismiss them to the locker room. They don’t make it too far in that direction before the sea of proud parents, close friends, and maybe a reporter or two, flood onto the…

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The word "DREAD" against a background of messy brick

One Insider Tip for Handling Searing Dread

Dread. It’s one of those experiences which, once felt, lingers just under the surface for easy access. I’ll bet you sensed the shudders of it as you just read the word. I can tell you, verbatim, the stories which have accompanied my encounters with searing dread. I had reason to share one of them with…

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Pine trees and snow capped mountains

Out In the Pines, I Understand The Popular Mountain Vibe

“What is the vibe of Northern Arizona?”, our friends asked us. When we first fell in love with the place on our vacation in fall of 2020, people wondered why. I don’t think it was the vibe then, although we definitely noticed there was one. “Outdoorsy”, was our answer. People ski, play disc golf, raft,…

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Hello, precious person! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Mama Lava and I truly hope you find joy and encouragement on the pages of my blog. Papa Lava and I have been married since the early 1990’s. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I love Jesus, my family, the beach, mountain air, and the opportunity to meet YOU through this platform. Thank you so much for blessing me with your presence, here on my extended Back Porch!

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