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Man on a lonely road at night: God Will Meet You Right Now as You Ready, Set, Pray!

God Will Meet You Right Now as You Ready, Set, Pray!

Do you feel a million miles away from God right now? Well, let me ask you this: Have you ever invited Him into your heart? If not, it is impossible to be close to Him. Are you ready? Get set! And then pray! Tell Him you want to meet. Ask Him in. For more information,…

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Woman, with medical mask, looking out window: God is not Afraid to Leave His House

God is not Afraid to Leave His House

I’m in quarantine because of a close exposure to COVID-19. I couldn’t go to church last weekend. I won’t make it next week either. But you know who isn’t in quarantine? God. He is always free to leave His house. And He comes to meet me right where I am. My friend, are you housebound?…

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Me on a swing soaring above the beach: Slow living - 7 ways to elevate focus over frenzy

Slow Living – 7 Ways To Elevate Focus Over Frenzy

Happy day, my friends! How are you? I hear the birds chirping outside and I am feeling their excitement. I have found some new inspiration and it fits like an old glove. Are you familiar with slow living? It is a counter trend – counterintuitive, counterproductive, and countercultural. All my life I have been romanced…

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Man climbing a mountain: Why would we pray for courage over comfort?

Why Would We Pray for Courage Over Comfort?

What have you asked of God today? Would you like trials and tests or are you hoping for smooth sailing? Does that seem like a dumb question? Why would we pray for courage over comfort? One morning I asked my kids for some of their favorite Bible stories. They answered, “David and Goliath, Moses, and…

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Luke 1:45 written in white against the backdrop of blue sky, sand and water

My New Year’s Handle Verse is One to Hold On To for 2022

It was before dawn, Friday morning, New Year’s Eve. All was quiet around me, but not inside me. I sat in the dark, thinking about what has transpired in 2021 and feeling off balance, heading into 2022. My habit is to consume a bottle of water first thing in the morning, and I often browse…

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Photo of Papa Lava and me
Papa Lava and Me

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Hello, precious person! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Mama Lava and I truly hope you find joy and encouragement on the pages of my blog. Papa Lava and I have been married since the early 1990’s. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I love Jesus, my family, the beach, mountain air, and the opportunity to meet YOU through this platform. Thank you so much for blessing me with your presence, here on my extended Back Porch!

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