Helpful Little Hack of the Hour: Taco Salad

Trust me – if you’re thinking you already know what this helpful little hack of the hour is going to say, you don’t! My mind was blown when I first encountered this taco salad. Prepare to be amused and surprised!

The Best Taco Salad Hack

First, I cannot take credit for this. K, if you’re reading (or even if you’re not), God bless you!

My friend K doesn’t cook. She works long hours. I invited her to a potluck. She arrived with a big bowl of taco salad. And it was delicious!

While everyone was raving about the salad, she pulled me aside and confessed. She had driven through Taco Bell, purchased a dozen tacos, and crunched them up into a bowl.

Wala! Incredibly scrumptious taco salad.

Wrapped tacos and hot sauce
Taco Bell Tacos and Hot Sauce
Broken tacos in a bowl look like salad
From top photo to bottom photo in 10 seconds flat!

“It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes! Tacos fall apart and we still love them.”

Author Unknown

I hope this little hack of the hour might prove helpful next time you’re running short on time and ideas. It really can be this simple.

Thank you, K for the laugh, the unforgettable memory, and the easiest taco salad recipe ever!

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”

1 Timothy 6:6,7

Wondering why am I publishing these helpful little hacks of the hour? Read the Introduction and Intent post here.


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You made me laugh this morning!!! Sounds like my kind of hack! One of my favorites is using already breaded frozen okra to make gumbo….the breading dissolves off and thickens the sauce, eliminating the need to make a starter roux. It’s definitely not for gumbo purists, but it makes a faster gumbo!!!

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I wrote up this article the other morning and needed a photo. I went to my husband and said “I have a problem. I need to make K’s taco salad for a photo.” His eyes lit up! He didn’t think that was a problem at all 😀 He was totally willing to accompany me, as long as I ‘crunched up’ a salad big enough to share! hahaha!

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Reminds me of a story I read about a woman whose busy schedule prevented her from preparing a dessert for a hi-faluting church fundraiser that had some real problems with pride, and she was a master cake decorator.
So she grabbed a few rolls of toilet paper, iced them like a cake and instructed her daughter to take it to the sale, and BE SURE to buy it!
But the daughter got distracted and when she went to buy the cake found it was gone. Sold already!
The “cake’s” creator waited for the other shoe to drop when someone would complain to the ladies in charge, and she would have to eat humble pie and confess.
But the next day the president of the women’s group at the church who was also a leader of the PTA, had a dinner for PTA and city officials. The cake creator was one of those invited, and to her horror saw HER cake on display as the centerpiece. The hostess was telling everyone how easy it was to create such a masterpiece cake, and “humbly” taking the accolades.
The “cake’s” real creator had her daughter call her so she could have an excuse to leave the party early, as she did not think she would be able to hold back her laughter when the hostess cut the “cake.” 😂
Wish I could have been on that PTA group!

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