Ireland – It’s Intrigue is Irresistibly Interesting: the English Market

Hello! Thank you for joining this adventure and reading about some of our favorite, most irresistibly interesting moments in Ireland. I expect the story will speed up from here, as our trip transitioned from pleasure to business, for me.

When we checked out of our hotel in Cork City Centre on Monday morning, the front desk personnel kindly agreed to keep our bags so we could explore a bit more. We especially wanted to visit the English Market while we waited for check-in time at the other hotel, where my company had arranged for our team to stay.

From what I’d read about the English Market online, I expected an indoor cafeteria, of sorts. I thought it would be a good place to grab a cup of coffee, a baguette with sliced cheese, and maybe some fruit. What we found was intriguing, although not what I was expecting.

A market with glass cases.
The English Market offers fresh meal ingredients, more than prepared food for takeout.

The English Market had all the items I was thinking of, but they were not individually sized. It was more like an elevated farmer’s market; a conglomeration of fresh, local grocery vendors. There were loaves of bread, blocks of cheese, freshly caught fish, and organically grown produce, among other things. There was a restaurant upstairs from which patrons could watch the action.

A pile of freshly caught fish.
For sale at the English Market! I’m sorry if this is gruesome, but I had to laugh. It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would play dead – we’d always stick our tongues out. Did you do that?

The English Market was an incredibly interesting place to browse! And since my husband would be hanging around the hotel room while I worked the next few days, we purchased some staples for him to have on hand. We rounded out his grocery supply at the Aldi supermarket a few blocks away.

I could swear I’ve heard of Aldi in the US. But I’ve never had one near me. Does anyone have an Aldi in their town? I could be mistaken.

Cork City Centre is an easy place to “waste” time. We found a wonderful souvenir shop, a toy store, a Hallmark store, and several other things we don’t see much of anymore, where we live in the states. We got lunch and enjoyed it next to the river Lee.

When it was time, we retrieved our luggage from the hotel and hailed a taxi. My company’s Cork office is located on Fota Island. To get there, our taxi driver drove approximately 20 minutes away from the City Centre.

It was hard to leave the English Market and everything we’d adored in the city. I didn’t know it then, but we’d be back, for an unexpected reason, at the end of the week. Stay tuned for that story.

Fota Island was completely different than Cork City Center. I correctly suspected it held new and different items of intrigue to show me about Ireland. Still, my imagination fell far short of God’s artistry! We’ll talk about that next time.

Until then, what is your favorite city you’ve ever visited? Why was it your favorite? Is it somewhere you’ve been only once or a place you’ve felt drawn to time and again? Have you ever been to the English Market or anywhere like it? God bless you, my precious friend!

Curious how this Ireland trip came about?
Click here for the introduction post.


27 replies on “Ireland – It’s Intrigue is Irresistibly Interesting: the English Market”

What a beautiful market, Mama! I giggled at the fish tongue (I did the same thing). I have an Aldi’s store near me in Branson! I’ve enjoyed all the cities I’ve visited…so many to choose! From Cairo, Alexandria, Jackson Hole, the small quaint mountain towns scattered across our great country…to my own driveway (it feels good coming home). I find beauty in them all! God bless you! 💛

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It DOES feel good coming home, doesn’t it? And I knew it! I’ve heard of Aldi in the states! In Ireland, they have very different nutrition labels on the food, so I am sure it is a complex, international corporation. And why- why did we stick out tongues out when we played dead? Haha! Oh the introspection. 😁 Cairo! Wow- that must have been an adventure! What took you there?

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Oh, yes! Oh the nutrition labels would be interesting! About Cairo~my then husband had a contracting positioning to help train Egyptian Navy on US ships bought by Mubarak from Jimmy Carter back in the day, lol. Long story…I went over to visit and President Bush had just declared war the week before. It was interesting to say the least 💕. I’ll not forget the experience. We stayed in Alexandria where he worked and took the train to Cairo as I wanted to see the Great Pyramids. Nothing though will ever “beat” seeing my own kids though! I’ve had to chase them around our great country while they’ve served. It took me years to truly find “home” (I lived in my RV for 4 years) and now I have my tiny home with my little pup and at least my kids/grandkids within a day’s drive now! My traveling is very limited now, but love hearing of others’ adventures and seeing the world with at least, …technology! Take care, Mama! 💕

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Wow! You did have an Egyptian adventure! Thanks for sharing it with me. 🇪🇬 And oh, I hear you about the kids and grandkids! We are going to have all of ours together in our town for Christmas, and we can barely stand the wait! Is your home small, or do you really have a “tiny home”?

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I’m so happy you’ll have your family all with you! My house is small~not tiny! I designed a tiny home when I was living in my RV. I couldn’t find land to place it and found this 1,000 sq ft “flipped” home and it was definitely God ordained!

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I’m not sure I have any favourite cities. I am generally not a city-lover. But having grown up in a small island I love islands. Particularly my childhood home of Guernsey. If I had to chose a city it would probably be Auckland with Stockholm a close second. I like the relative smallness of both compared with larger cities and I love the connection of both cities with the sea.

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I think the ocean makes any city more intriguing! And I’m with you on islands! I lived in Hawaii for 10 years. I’m not one to love being landlocked, but I do adore the small mountain town where I live now.

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Anita and I ran into Aldis in Germany first, and then in Wisconsin when we were there for a year. Now, one has opened just a couple miles away by Fayette Mall in Lex.
As for the fish, I recall when we were in Madison, WI, the local market sold fresh trout – note, NOT freshly “frozen” but LIVE trout in a tank! When you selected the one you wanted, the butcher would get it out with a net and clobber the head with a mallet and then prepare it for you, if you wanted it filleted.
Imagine his surprise when Anita said not to decapitate ours, only gut it! She likes to prepare fresh fish in an electric steamer specifically for it, and it is delicious to eat the steamed fish fresh off the bone. 😉

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Wow- doesn’t get any fresher than that! Since we don’t live anywhere near the ocean right now, we tried to eat as much seafood as we could in Ireland. We figured, with the ocean right there, it had to be fresh. It sure was delicious!

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I’ve not traveled much so I can’t say I have a “favorite” city. When I do get the opportunity I prefer to head away from cities toward nature i.e. parks, forests, beaches, mountains, etc. My favorite trip was to Costa Rica the fresh fruits were delightful, the scenery stunning, and the people so hospitable.

We have Aldi stores scattered throughout the Midwest. It’s my major stop for groceries.

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I understand wanting to get out of the city! I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but I’ve heard wonderful things. I’d love to visit one day! And thanks for the check-in regarding Aldi. I didn’t think that was an Irish exclusive. 😉 Have a blessed day!

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We have an Aldi’s about 10 miles away, and they are all over the Midwest. My favorite city (and I’ll admit, I haven’t traveled much) is Toronto. Maybe it was because I was on tour with my orchestra and on top of my game, had a new love interest who was a college student, while I was in highschool, or just the excitement of Young Street. It was fantastic, and the best city we visited in Canada! I still have such fond memories of those days!

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Now I know where your daughter got her talent! What do you play? Life circumstances and emotions really do play into our enjoyment of things and the way we remember them, don’t forget they!?


Thank you! Yes, God does give us all good gifts! The talents you have, and that your kids have been blessed to receive from you, are really top-notch. Performance arts are a blessing to you and everyone who gets to experience the benefits of your gift.

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The market reminds me a little of Pike’s Place in Seattle – only inside and with better architecture. I love those little outdoor “pods” – I would be in one of those enjoying a coffee for sure! The first time I saw an Aldi’s was in Switzerland and then in Australia, so when they opened a few here in Fort Myers we were pretty excited. We shop there regularly – our newest one is just about a mile down the road.

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Wow- ALDIs is everywhere! (Except anywhere I’ve ever lived, lol!). That does explain why I’d heard of them. Thank you for chiming in on that! I loved the outdoor pods too- such a great idea! I’ve never been to Seattle, but you’ve given me insight into what may be behind “Pikes Place” coffee…?! ☕️

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