Spaces Surging with Stunning Splendor are Something to See #4

Thank you so much for joining me today for the last post in the “Something to See” mini-series. Education by conversation and collaboration is the most enjoyable way to learn. Thank you for the interesting discussion!

I’ve been posting a handful of photos each day for a few days. In case you’re new to the series, you can catch up on the other articles here: Spaces Surging with Stunning Splendor are Something to See #1, #2, and #3.

I’m hoping you might be able to give me some insight about the stunning summer flowers I’ve encountered while hiking around my new hometown. I’d love for you to comment the number and name of any blossoms which you can help me to identify. (Click the pic, if you like, for larger view and scrolling capability.)

Consider for a moment what it takes for a flower to bloom.

  • First a seed must fall from its parent plant to a place where it can be nourished.
  • It has to grow many times it’s size, sending roots down, stems up, and leaves out.
  • Then it must develop buds.
  • Finally, with light, water, and God’s miraculous touch, the buds explode into stunning splendor.

The size, shape, color, and fragrance of each blossom was coded into the tiny seed from the beginning. But it could not fulfill its purpose if it stayed in seed form. It had to die to what it was, undergo amazing growth and transformation, and bloom. Next, it will wilt, drop seeds of its own, and start the process again.

These flowers are not only stunning in their surge of summer shimmer, but they are also superior object lessons. I want to be radiant and fragrant, showcasing the splendor of my Creator. But it isn’t as easy as just saying so.

  • I have to start small, die to myself, and submit to God.
  • I must embrace the process of learning, stretching, and growing.
  • As I am nourished by Him, I begin to develop opportunities to showcase the person He intended me to be.
  • In His perfect time, His beauty and fragrance surges through me in a burst of His stunning splendor for all to see.

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And, just like a summer blossom, my time to display His wonder will fade away. It is imperative that I invest in others, especially those younger than me, while I may. I need to sow seeds of my own.

Then those seeds, when planted, will follow the same lifecycle and the Savior will be showcased again and again, spreading joy and faith exponentially. That, my friend, is how you and I can leave legacies of eternal importance.

Let’s be perennial flowers, if you will, surging with stunning splendor in our respective spaces. May the seeds of our faith and obedience bloom through the generations and be something to see many years from now.


23 replies on “Spaces Surging with Stunning Splendor are Something to See #4”

Although I’ve missed the other photos, I find such beauty in these,…and your words. It seems you are blossoming in your new area. I love the analogy of growth, beginning with the seed. May God continue to bless you as you bless others! I’m sorry I’m unable to identify the blooms~I have a few friends, when we’re walking or hiking, that can identify any type! It amazes me! Blessings to you, Mama! 💛💕❤️

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Thank you for saying hi, Karla. Your “voice” makes me happy and I don’t mind at all that you can’t identify the flowers. You’re in my prayers, my friend. You’re an inspiration to me and I so enjoy your company here on the Back Porch! I’m glad the flowers bring you joy. God is amazing! I can’t wait to see His Heaven!

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You’re welcome! I always enjoy the peace at your place. I thank you so much for the prayers. They are felt! I’m so glad we can encourage one another. Your words are precious to me. I imagine heaven all the time and truly try to enjoy the heaven he out here for us, too! Please take care! 💛

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So many nuggets of truth in your series here. Great pictures as well. I often stop in wonder, and wonder about the DNA coding of all those plants and flowers and trees. It’s as complicated as a beaver knowing how to build a dam and survive under the ice with a food stash for the winter. So many things amaze me and point to a creator who is beyond our scope of amazement.

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Thank you Gary! I think this is why I love hiking and walking so much. The wonder, the amazement, the worship – it all comes so spontaneously and naturally. It puts so much in perspective!

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I love flowers! It’s been fun to see your pictures. I think you have a thistle, Queen Anne’s lace, coneflower and some type of morning glory…in that order from left to right…guessing from past experience, not any expertise! Thank you also for the inspiring words too!

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Thank you so much!!! The thistle was one I thought I might know so thank you for the confidence on that one. Is Queen Anne’s lace poisonous? I thought I read somewhere that it might be, but I could be wrong. I hope not, because that white splendor is everywhere! It’s a regal name for a beautiful flower!

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#19 looks like a thistle of some kind. #20 is Queen Anne’s lace. #21 looks like echinacea. Also, your third post didn’t come up, except for the first picture with the bee. It was a honey bee gathering pollen.

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Thank you so much, Rita! Do you know if Queen Anne’s Lace is a poisonous plant? I’m so appreciative of the honey bees- I like honey and the local ones really seem to help with my family’s allergies. :). Have a great weekend!


#22 looks like flowers we have here. I don’t know what they’re called, but I think they’re related to morning glories. #23 is hollyhock.

Shelter is for 60 days. It’s ok. Getting used to it. We have our own room and bathroom. Kitchen, laundry, and living room shared. We’ll survive. They are supposed to help us find an apartment with a housing voucher. God will see us through, even though there is about nothing here to rent. We have been on the waiting list for one place for over two months. Hopefully soon.

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I’m glad they’re supposed to help you find a place. Gods timing is perfect. What a story you’re going to be able to tell about all the ways He’s covered the details for you. Maybe you should write a book!

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