Moments are Quick but They’re still Mighty! Grab one and Share one – Post 3

the MOMENTS series
It’s a potluck; taste them all and bring one to share!

I captured this quick moment before it went fleeting by:

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

I glanced at a photo of plumeria blossoms and was graciously treated by my mind to a recollection of their scent. I savored the gift of sweet and fragrant air, in a quick moment of imagination and splendor.

There is boundless wonder in every quick moment! Please share one of yours in the comments section below

Need some background on the Moments Series?
Click here for the Quick Moments Introduction in Post 1.

13 replies on “Moments are Quick but They’re still Mighty! Grab one and Share one – Post 3”

I have seen dozens of birds and insects tending the flowers on our deck. How many of the Lords laborers does it take to tend those plants? Amazing. How many does it take to tend our souls? I guess that is why the encouragement (in a lot of places) of all the “one another’s” in scripture.

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Isn’t it a wonder how, when we grab a moment and ponder it, there is truth in each and every one? I’m astounded by a God that can build so much of His majestic heart into a tiny capsule of time and at how clueless I am to most of them as they pass me by. Thank you for sharing one of your moments with its truth and blessing!

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I just thought again about this moment as I am about to rush off into my busy day. I remembered my favorite plumeria tree- it grows on a hill near a home I once lived in. For some reason it’s fragrance is distinct from any other I’ve experienced. Suddenly, I could smell it as if it were growing next to me here in my home office. God is so gracious! I believe in both the quick moment I referred to above and this one, just now, He was giving my senses a tiny vacation. He knows how important that was for my attitude and my soul. I firmly believe He knows me inside and out and loves me enough to tend to my heart with these brief moments.

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Beautiful moment!One of my own moments: I heard an old song playing one day and was flooded with an instant memory of my Moma singing that song. It had been close to 30 years since she had been gone, but I could hear her voice so clear in my mind. 💜

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We really do not remember “times” or “events.” We remember moments within in them.

“We have these moments to hold in our hands,
And to touch as they drift through our fingers like sand.
Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come,
But we have these moments to share.” (Bill Gaither)

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