5 Important Things to Consider when Deciding Where to Go on Vacation

Guys, I’m going on vacation! I am so excited! I cannot wait until it is just me and my best friend (to whom I’m married), the radio, a few good audio books, some yummy snacks and the open road. I expect a deeply satisfying and long-overdue exhale as we leave town.

Where do you think I’m headed? I will tell you. But first, I want to share the following:

5 important things to consider when deciding where to go on vacation

1. Finances – how much money do I have to spend?

This list may not be in order of importance, but for me, finances must always be one of my first vacation considerations. It would do me no good to plan an elaborate trip which was not within my realm of possibility. Once I know my budget, I can make some exciting decisions.

2. Time – what is my desired duration and season?

How much time can I set aside? Would I rather spend my vacation money on a short luxurious experience or spread it out over a longer, but less elaborate get-away? What season will it be and how does that affect my options?

3. Participants – who will be joining me?

A family vacation is different than a lover’s retreat is different than a team get-away. Whose expectations do I need to consider? How do the needs of others play into the plans I am making?

4. Purpose – what do I hope to accomplish?

Do I want to relax, or would I prefer to experience an extreme adventure? Would I like to get off the grid or explore a bustling new city? I can plan a research expedition, take time to visit friends, choose to pursue a hobby, or any number of different things. My favorite vacations usually incorporate a few great ideas into one trip.

5. Transportation – how will I get there?

In a way, this list is more circular than linear. Here we are at number 5 and transportation will link us back to finances, time, participants and purpose. Are we driving? Flying? Taking a cruise? The destination is directly linked to the modes of transportation at our disposal.

VW in rocky terrain: 5 Important Things To Consider when Deciding Where to Go on Vacation
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So, where am I headed? Well, it’s the middle of August, so Arizona, of course! (My posting schedule will have you reading this upon my return.) If you know Arizona summers, you might think I’m crazy. But it is the perfect conversion, for me, of all 5 of the above important things to consider when deciding where to go on vacation.

It fits our budget, and we can drive there and back within our 8-day time frame. It is right, even considering the season, because we need to determine if it is a place where we could live one day. We want to experience the Phoenix area when its “Great Ball of Hate” is doing its worst. (That is what my friend calls the Arizona Summer Sun.)

It will just be my husband and I. We are spending quality time together, visiting dear friends, and researching our next place to call home. After Phoenix, we’ll head to the mountains of Northern Arizona, which is currently a front-runner in our list of future homestead locations.

Route 66: 5 Important Things To Consider when Deciding Where to Go on Vacation
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Whether you love the heat or the mountains or road trips to anywhere, I want to include you on our journey over the next several days. I will write the highlights (hopefully many) and lowlights (hopefully very few) and share them in my next couple of posts. If you’re interested, please be sure to follow along.

Have these 5 important things to consider when deciding where to go on vacation been helpful? Obvious? Humorous? I hope they have added value to your life, relative to the time you’ve spent reading.

But I have one more thing to offer, which may be worth more than everything I’ve just said. I have been waiting for this vacation. I’ve anticipated it for the break it represents from the tough stuff at home, the craziness at work, and all that the normal day to day routine throws at me.

And if I’m so anxious to take a vacation, how much more eagerly should I be looking forward to Heaven?

Sometimes the hope of Heaven gets overwhelming, and I desperately yearn for that place where I belong and will fit in so flawlessly. I dare to imagine what it will be like to have no more sin to contend with, mine or anyone else’s. There will be no more pain, no more sorrow, no more anxiety and no more stress. Everything will be absolutely, stunningly, unimaginably perfect.

I mentioned the exhale I am expecting as my husband and I head out onto the open road. I can’t describe what I believe that first gasp in Heaven will feel like. These 5 important things to consider when deciding where to go on vacation will have no bearing on that blink-of-an-eye trip. Well, except one. Participants matter. My friend, I really hope you’ll be joining me for that eternal adventure.

 Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

John 14:2-4,6

If you’re not sure where you will spend eternity, read The Gospel in a Nutshell and/or reach out to me. I would love literally nothing more than to help you settle this most important matter once and for all.

18 replies on “5 Important Things to Consider when Deciding Where to Go on Vacation”

Actually, one of my best friends is moving to Minnesota next year sometime, and it did briefly run thru my mind. I think I’d rather face the big ball of ☀️ head on than have it completely turn its back on me. 🥶 Is it as cold there as everyone says?

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Yes, it get’s cold here. last year we had some days below -30 with highs of -20. The coldest I have ever experienced is -52. That being said I have winter camped in the wilderness, snowshoeing in at -38 coldest temp and stayed warm (this is obviously not for most people). My take on cold and heat is this. One can always put on more (and better) clothes for the cold. One can only take off so much for the heat (legally). Our houses here are tight and insulated very well. I live within 40 miles of 40 lakes…Totally worth it for me.

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You have a point about the clothes. I’m not quite ready for that kind of weather, I don’t think, but I love reading about it from your perspective. I wouldn’t put it past God to have plans for me that aren’t yet on my horizon. I can worship the Son with or without the sun 😀 Time will tell what He ultimately has planned. We have 1 year of ‘flux’ where my husband works from home and we can live pretty much anywhere. After that, he will have his Master’s degree and possibly looking to change careers. At that point, we will go wherever the job (ultimately God) requires us to be. If I end up in Minnesota, I will definitely be asking you for your hottest tips, pun absolutely intended! 40 lakes… I’d like that!


Well, Gary knows that you can always put on another layer no matter how cold it gets, but you can only take off so much in the heat before the neighbors call the police! 😱 Especially, and Gary’s and my ages!!
Seriously, though, my late mother used to tell me before she went Home, “C.A., Heaven is just one breath away. We breath out our last here, and we inhale the air of Heaven.” 😉

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