If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?

I just had a conversation with the youngest and oldest of my five children. For context, they are 18 and 26 years old. We sat down at the same time for breakfast and began to discuss what we would do today, if we knew it was our last day to live. I thought the discussion was hilarious, stereotypical, and insightful. It went like this:

If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?

My answer was simple. “What would I do if I knew today was my last day to live? I’d go to the beach. I’d pray, call, text, and write. I’d communicate my gratitude, encouragements and goodbyes from the sand, serenaded by crashing surf.” I try to keep short accounts with God and people, and I don’t feel like I’d have much baggage to sort out. It was an easy one for me.

Me at the Beach: If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?
The beach is my happy place!

My youngest had a completely different take. He asked, “I’m going to die tomorrow for sure?”


“Then I can’t die today, right?”

My oldest and I looked at each other. We hadn’t thought of that. I was completely amused by his line of thinking. He continued.

“I’d go skydiving without a parachute.” He started.

“But just because you aren’t going to die today, doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain today,” I interjected. “Wouldn’t it be worse to sky-dive without a parachute and not die?”

Rules crossed out: If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?
Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash (x’s added)
The rules don’t apply on your last day!

He agreed, “Ok, then if today is the last day of my life, and I know I’m going to die tomorrow, I’d do something reckless and die before it catches up to me. I’d rob a bank and spread the money to the poor, like Robin Hood. Or I’d visit people in the hospital with Covid, who have nobody to sit with them, because it wouldn’t matter if I was exposed. I’d switch places with someone sentenced to life in prison.” I’d go out with abandon.

My oldest began to laugh. We looked at her. She pointed out the difference in their personalities and said if today was the last day of her life, she was going to have to tackle a to-do list that was very long.

“I’d be writing my will.”, she stated. “I’d need to clean my room and my car. I’d make sure my bills were paid and I’d email instructions for the person who would take over my job.”

Filed paperwork: If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?
Photo by Anete Lusina on

She chuckled. “I’d be taking care of all the little details, to make it easier on everyone once I was gone.”

I was thoroughly amused by the conversation, even though the subject matter could have been very sobering. Isn’t that so typical of how a first born and a baby of the family would tend to think? I chuckled to myself, as I got an insightful peek into these personalities that I love so much. I really need to ask more open-ended questions.

So, if today is the last day of YOUR life, what are YOU going to do with the time?

“I live my life based on 2 principles. One, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever.” 

Author: Osho

“How different would today be if you knew it would be your last one on earth before meeting God face-to-face? We should strive to live every day as if it was our last, for one day it will be!” 

Author: Billy Graham

“May I speak each word as if my last word, and walk each step as my final one. If my life should end today, let this be my best day.”

Author: Anonymous

“Let your light shine, never look back and live as if today is your last day … because it just might be.”

Author: Gena Showalter

“Live as if today is the last day of your life. Love and be kind as if this is the last chance to express it.”

Author: Debasish Mridha

“A person’s days are determined; you (God) have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.”

Job 14:5 (parenthesis mine)

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12

20 replies on “If Today is the Last Day of Your Life, What are You Going to Do?”

Thank you. It is amazing that I had all the stuff backed up, done in a few hours and am sitting here, studying Isaiah now. Thank you Jesus for clearing my way and my mind. And thank you for Mamalava. 🙂

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I agree, Rita. I think some sadness in our goodbyes may be the reason why the Bible says Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes. If there is no sadness in Heaven, the tears must linger from our last moments on earth.
(I haven’t really looked at that contextually, I’m just thinking that it stands to reason.)
Thanks for your answer!


I love the show of variety in which God created people; shown in your writing. Just like finger prints we are individuals with different personalities. I dare say my grow children would all be in different places too. For me, I would linger in the last moments He gave me and anticipate an eternity with Him. I know I would long for unsaved loved ones to see the Light, but in the end it’s their choice. SIGH

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Ah choice! I’m so glad to have it and wish so often that others didn’t! LOL! But you’re right. I have to remind myself often, when I find myself longing for a loved one’s salvation, that God loves them even more than I do and He went to greater lengths to save them than I have… so He can be trusted to pursue them. I need to take every opportunity He gives me to encourage them towards Him, but ultimately, it is between them and Him and He is able! Thank you for your response!

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I would check my will (going to real soon, anyway, to make a couple small changes) and I would express my love to my bride of 32 years, one month and 28 days.
Then, as opposed to paying all my bills, I’d stop payment on all my outstanding checks to companies. 😂

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If Father lets me live on earth to 85, that’ll be 47 years of marriage, too short for this life, but enough if we will be friends in the next.
Always wondered why we would not still be married in Heaven, but I just give it to the Lord and trust He knows what He is doing. 😉

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